16 Smart use of technology to make life easier

A variety of shortcuts or small hacks when using technology can save you time and increase efficiency.

Today, most of our jobs are done using technology. So if you use these technologies in the right way, you can make your life easier.

Today’s discussion on some technologies that help you perform various tasks quickly and efficiently to make your daily life easier-

Give guests WiFi access via QR code without password

Tired of changing your WiFi password every time you give it to a guest or someone else? Then this smart solution is for you.

‘QIFI.org’ (qifi.org) This website generates a QR code that allows you to access your WiFi without entering a password.

You can generate your QR code from this website with your network name and password. By printing out the QR code, others can easily scan it to access your Wi-Fi.

to use Secure Password Manager

You no longer have to worry about forgetting passwords and logging out of accounts. Instead of remembering all your passwords, you only need to remember one password.

In this case, you can use online password managers called “1password” (1password.com) and “lastpass.com” (lastpass.com).

Bitwarden.com is one of the best free password managers. Adding them to your browser allows you to seamlessly log into websites and other services, saving you time.

Get summaries of various articles online

For quick summaries of a wide variety of articles online, ‘TLDR This’ https://tldrthis.com Can use chrome extension called .

This plugin shows you a summary of your selected online article. So that you can see the essence of the whole at a glance or decide whether to read the whole text or not.

Proofread large articles with Google Translate

If you’re a student or content writer and can’t find anyone to proofread your work, Google can be your friend. When writing takes a long time, it can sometimes be difficult to spot errors in the work. So in this case you can use your ears instead of your eyes. All you need to do is copy and paste your text into Google Translate and click the Listen icon. It will read you the full text.

The best thing about eBooks is that you don’t forget to take the book with you wherever you go. Because they will always be in your device. If you don’t plan on building an ebook library on your device, consider borrowing them instead of buying them.

The platform ‘overdrive.com’ helps you to borrow your favorite books and find the nearest library. In addition, there are also special apps such as ‘soraapp.com’ (soraapp.com) for students and ‘libbyapp.com’ (libbyapp.com) for everyone. If you want to borrow a specific book for a project or to read it once, you can download these apps on your mobile device and get started.

And since it’s an online platform, all your books will automatically revert to the expiration date. You never have to worry about late fees. And if you’re not done reading, you can always pick it up again.

Suppose you have a presentation and you need to present it in a very short time. Then it can seem like a hassle to open the file in PowerPoint and find the slideshow to start with. In that case, if you save your PowerPoint presentation file as .pps instead of .ppt, opening your file will go straight to slideshow mode. This will greatly reduce your problems.

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