3 crore 72 lakh rupees income of ‘Hawa’ in North America

Mezbaur Rahman Sumon’s North American tour of ‘Hawa’ ended with a five-week run. At present, as a Bengali movie, the maximum gross income was more than 3 lakh USD 58 thousand or about 3 crore 72 lakh taka. This news was communicated by the source of the distribution agency Sapna Square Crow.

A related Facebook post on Sunday said:

A story of incredible achievements and a few box office regrets in Canada and America

The frenzy of ‘Hawa’ has finally stopped altogether in America and Canada. Last week, New York’s Jamaica Multiplex ended a 5-week run of ‘Hawa’ in North American theaters as the last movie theater. This is the first time a Bengali film has achieved a record of 5 consecutive weeks in a theater in North America.

Hawa’s last gross box office collection: $358,052

This income comes from a total of 87 screens (theatres).

Canada revenue: $141,369 (14 screens)
Revenue from America: $216,683 (73 screens)

Breaking it down by week:

1st week: $271,588 (85 screens)
Week 2: $62,875 (35 screens, 1 new screen added to week 1’s 34 in Canada this week)
3rd week: $15,824 (11 screens, 2nd week 10 plus 1 new screen this week in America)
4th week: $6,578 (5 screens)
Week 5: $1,187 (1 screen)


1. For the first time, a Bengali film entered the US TOP CHART with box office receipts. ‘Hawa’ was in the TOP 30 of that week in the first week of the win.

2. For the first time, a Bengali film appeared in the North American market as a worthy competitor.

By 2025, we aim to be the third largest industry in the North American market, after Hollywood and Indian cinema. The success of ‘Hawa’ has proven that we can do it very well. Below is some data from the second largest industry ‘Indian Cinema Industry’ this year:

One of the movies released in North America by the Indian film industry so far in 2022

Only 13 Hindi (Bollywood) films have grossed more than Hawa (Brahmastra – 7.5 million, Ongoing, Kashmir Files – 4 million, KGF Chapter 2 Hindi – 3.7 million, Laal Singh Chaddha – 3.4 million, Gangubai – 3 .3 million, Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 – 2.6 million, Vikram Vedha – 1.7 million, Running, Juug Juug Jeeyo – 1.3 million, Bachchan Pandey – 618,233, Runway 34 – 610,686, Prithviraaj – 480,149, Jayeshbai Jordaar – 416,219 and Raksha Bandhan – 367,140). All other movies made less than “Hawa.” FYI, more than 60 Hindi movies have been released in 2022 so far.

15 Telugu movies have grossed more than ‘Hawa’. All other movies made less than “Hawa.” The highest revenue is RRR ($14 million). Followed by Bheemla Nayak (2.4 million), Sarkaru Vaari Paata (2.3 million), Radhe Shyam (2 million), Karthikeya 2 (1.6 million), Sita Ramam (1.4 million, ongoing), F3 Fun and Frustration (1.2 million), Major (1.14 million), Ante Sundaraniki (1.13 million), Acharya (985,720), Liger (786,123), God Father (750,957), BimbiSara (557,652), DJ Tillu ( 553,482), Okay Oka Jeevitham (539,611). More than 40 Telugu movies have been released so far this year.

Only 6 Tamil films have grossed more than ‘Hawa’. All other movies made less than “Hawa.” Most PS-1 (5 million, running). Followed by Vikram (2.9 million), Beast (1.4 million), Thiruchitrambolam (458,244), Valimai (404,240) & Don (391,042).

Only 1 Kannada film has grossed more than ‘Hawa’. All other movies made less than “Hawa.” The film is KGF Chapter 2 Kannada (7.4 million).

No film in Malayalam and Punjabi brought in more money than ‘Hawa’.

3. 39,510 viewers watched ‘Hawa’ in America and Canada together. 15,406 people watched in Canada, 24,104 people in America. In New York City alone, 8,890 people saw the film. So far, the movie ‘Devi’ has been seen by the highest number of viewers in America and Canada combined, with 10,500 viewers.

4. First Bangladeshi film to run for 5 consecutive weeks in 1 theater, 4 consecutive weeks in 2 theaters, 3 consecutive weeks in 11 theaters, 2 consecutive weeks in 35 theaters in North America.

5. It is the first Bengali film to record 9 shows in one day at a specific multiplex location. ‘Hawa’ gave 9 shows daily on Jamaica Multiplex for 2 consecutive weeks, while Brahmastra only gave 3 shows in the first week. ‘Hawa’ also runs 7 shows a day at Toronto’s Eglinton Cineplex.


Regret for ‘air’ is also very sweet. The biggest and most significant regret, given the number of viewers who saw “Hawa,” is expected to be close to $410,000. But that didn’t happen, the main reason being that the day after the film’s release (September 3, Saturday) was ‘National Cinema Day’ in America and Canada. On this occasion, the ticket price of all cinemas in all cinema halls was only 3 dollars. Normally it is 10 to 15 dollars. And this Cinema Day campaign was wrapped up by theaters just 10 days ago, leaving several KEY THEATERs confirmed for ‘Hawa’ but dropped at the last minute. All in all, ‘Hawa’ is being deprived of 50/60 thousand dollars.

However, what has happened is that the attitude of theater chains towards ‘Bangladesh cinema’ has changed. So 358,052 is not just money, it is a number that expresses existence. It is a firm belief that lays the foundation of how high Bengali cinema can go in the international market.

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