59 crore hostel for sailors trade

The Port of Chittagong is the most important of the busiest and most important ports in South Asia. Hundreds of domestic and foreign ships enter the port every day. But there are not enough facilities for rest and recreation for foreign seafarers. Therefore, the Department of Seafarers and Expatriate Workers Welfare has taken up the project to build a building called ‘Seamen’s Hostel Complex’ for the sailors of foreign ships. It is reported that the project will be discussed at the meeting of the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) on October 11.

According to Planning Commission sources, the project will be carried out by the Department of Seafarers and Expatriate Workers Welfare on the initiative of the Ministry of Shipping, the estimated cost of which is Tk 59 crore 14 lakhs. The project will be implemented with full government funding. The implementation period runs from July this year to June 2024.

The aim and purpose of the project is to provide high quality temporary accommodation facilities for seafarers seafarers, temporary accommodation and entertainment facilities for foreign seafarers arriving at Chittagong port, entertainment for local and foreign seafarers, library, cafeteria, cyber cafe, gymnasium, entertainment corner and other facilities

Moreover, the implementing organization of the project, Seamen and Expatriate Workers Welfare Department, says in their project proposal that they have undertaken this project for the purpose of implementing the provisions of Section 12 of the Bangladesh Merchant Shipping Ordinance-1983. ensuring welfare benefits for seafarers in accordance with the requirements of the Maritime Labor Convention; It will be possible to implement the recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

The Department of Seafarers and Expatriate Workers Welfare also said the proposed project will provide temporary housing for 195 local and foreign seafarers of various ranks. An average of 120 sailors of different categories are provided with high-quality temporary housing, recreation, library, cafeteria, cyber cafe, gymnasium, entertainment corner and other welfare facilities. In addition, an average of 30 sailors are placed under medical facilities every day.

Analyzing the data from the main activities of the project, it can be determined that the main expenditure of the project will go to the construction of residential buildings. It can be seen that the residential building has been proposed to be built at a cost of 53 crores. 9 lakh rupees will be spent on land development of 1000 cubic meters and construction of main drainage. The estimated cost of insuring the electricity system is about 3 crore rupees. Furniture will be purchased for one and a half crore rupees. In addition, a gymnasium costing 55 lakh taka will be built in the proposed building.

According to the rationale of the project, an F-type neighborhood of Seamans Hostel is being converted into an International Seafarers Drop in Center with the help of International Transport Federation Trust to provide welfare facilities to foreign seafarers arriving at Chittagong Port. Currently, the type F quarters in the International Seafares Drop in Center are also in a very dilapidated state. Navik Hostel’s 7.27 hectare land is owned by the Department of Seafarers and Expatriate Workers Welfare, but several facilities of the National Maritime Institute have been built on that site under the authority of the Ministry. The construction of the new International Seafarers Drop-in Center, a four-storey Siemens Complex building, is essential. The project is presented in this context.

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