Accusation against BCB officials in Sylhet for pass trade, serving low quality food in the name of the buffet

The 8th Women’s Asia Cup will take place in Sylhet. The event was officially inaugurated on October 1 at the Sylhet International Cricket Stadium. Female cricketers from 7 countries including host Bangladesh took part in the game. The officials don’t care about this important cricket event.
Cricket on the Sylhet pitch means the pitch is full of spectators. Even after buying tickets it becomes difficult to deal with the crowd. But this time with ticketless entry, the gallery has been without visitors since the beginning. It is also alleged that the spectators did not go to the ground due to the lack of promotion by the local cricket organisers.
Meanwhile, the organization of the Women’s Asia Cup has been criticized since the start of the competition. The field press box and even the food for the journalists have expressed negative attitudes from the journalists. Bangladesh women’s team coach, AKM Mahmud Imon, expressed anger at the state of the wicket of the field, saying that there is a better field than this on Para’s field. A trustee was then brought in from Chittagong to check the condition of the wicket. Even commentators were outraged by the filth and cleanliness at the stadium entrance. Also, the tapes of the bathroom and sink were damaged and were restored after complaints from journalists. According to sources, there have been complaints about the eating of referees and journalists in the Asia Cup this year. Although buffet meals are in the name, poor quality food is served.
It is known that many journalists have refrained from collecting news about the game. Yet the press box is not empty. Sylhet’s regular journalists are devoid of news gathering. Television journalists and cameramen, journalists from registered online portals did not receive a pass despite timely application. However, press cards were seen in the hands of journalists from many portals and printed newspapers. Irregularities do not end here, the card is issued in the name of another newspaper even after applying for the prescribed newspaper. Again, in the case of journalists belonging to the Islamic religion, cards were issued in the name of Sanatani. Such idiocy and irresponsibility of the officials has sparked outrage among journalists in Sylhet.
The photo card of Sylhet Correspondent Masood Ahmad Roni of Dhaka Post has been published under the name ‘Sagar Roy’. Although the image is correct, it shows the working portal Bhuiphon online news portal ‘Newsroom’. Duplicate card was issued in the name of the same person and journalist from the Bhuiphond organization.
Similarly, Shafi Ahmed, Sylhet’s correspondent from New Nation newspaper, is portrayed as DBC News correspondent. Passcards are issued in the name of another website called News World. The name of the bearer on that pass is Alamgir Hossain. who is florist.
It is claimed that at least a hundred tickets are issued to local, national, online, television media, camera operators and photojournalists in every international match. But this time, the pass is limited because of the CTSB’s investigation. When asked what the reason is, concerned people blamed intelligence. But the Jamaat organization got a pass. Apart from this, although there is an excuse for extreme rigor, pass cards are also given to Jubo League, Chhatra League, Chhatra Dal and accused in several cases. Who can say nothing about Nieda’s duties.

Regarding the issuance of press passes, local media manager of Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Farhad Qureshi, said there is no time to think about who is working on registered and unregistered portals at the time when press passes are issued. When asked how a card in the name of a flower seller is issued, he replied that it is not uncommon for a mistake to be made at such a large event. What was the name of the representative of Dhaka Post ‘Sagar Roy’ (map no. 1161) of Masud Ahmad Roni? To such a question he said angrily: ‘Who did you give your card to? You will contact me later when you return the card.’
When Joydwip Das, the Grand Manager of Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, asked for his mobile number, he said excitedly: Why Joydwip? Tell me what you have to say. I see the matter. What is Joydwip going to do here? In response to the question of who is responsible for the BCB, he mentioned the name of an official named Rabid Imam. But when asked for the Rabid Imam’s mobile number, Farhad Qureshi said: ‘The Rabid Imam is now in New Zealand.
Meanwhile, in response to the complaint about food, some journalists said that sidewalk food was being kept for the journalists during an international competition. Buffet system named after low quality food. This food is controlled by the staff. In addition, the media box also shows unwanted people who eat against the map.

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