Actions on food and nutrition security

Technology is the result of human research, people’s daily life becomes gradually easier with its pure touch. The blessing of science Nutrition technology has emerged as the messenger to solve various problems of human life like the genie of Aladdin’s lamp depicted in the Arabic novel. Food is one of the basic needs for human survival. Food security means ensuring a free food supply for all and sufficient availability of food throughout the year. In addition to food security, it is important to ensure nutrition according to human biological needs. A sector as important as food safety has also entered the shadow of technology.

In terms of population, our country is the eighth in the world; This is indicative of population growth. The population increases day by day; But compared to this, the amount of arable land is not increasing, but the amount of arable land is decreasing at the rate of 1.2% every year due to the effect of urbanization. In such a crisis situation, our only recourse is to ensure the use of technology in food safety.

In order to meet our food needs, we must use the immense potential of biotechnology. The use of biotechnology in food should be increased; As a result, more food can be produced while maintaining nutritional quality. An additional 30 million metric tons of food can only be produced with the proper use of biotechnology, agronomists say. The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute makes a unique contribution to the use of biotechnology. The Bangladesh Rice Research Institute has so far developed 108 high-yielding modern rice varieties (101 inbred and seven hybrids). The greatest success in terms of innovation came in 1994 with the development of the high-yielding rice varieties Bri-Dhan 28 and Bri-Dhan 29. Additionally, in 2018 they developed the BR 88 and BR 89 varieties which will have a lifespan of 143 days from sowing to harvesting the paddy and its yield will be seven tons per hectare. Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute started cultivation of insect-resistant Bt brinjal developed by application of biotechnology in 2013.

Some valuable areas of biotechnology are different types of compost fertilizers. For example earthworm manure, rich compost, vermicompost, etc. Usually, in rural areas, each house contains a large amount of household waste. By using appropriate treatment of this waste, we can obtain a valuable bio-fertilizer. One of the advantages of organic fertilizers is that they do not spoil the nutritional value of crops. The use of technology in the cutting and threshing of paddy is remarkable. The use of combined harvesters is increasing at a significant rate. Through the use of machinery, the cost of harvesting rice will be reduced by 40%. Besides the mass production of food, its preservation and storage are very important for food security. Nowadays, the use of technology is also visible in food preservation.

Food preservation by refrigeration or freezing is a widely used method in our country, where the use of technology can be seen. In addition, it is possible to preserve food through radioactivity with the help of nuclear research centers. The gamma rays emitted by cobalt-60, when applied to food, kill bacteria, parasites, and insects. This system is completely safe for food storage. It does not lose the freshness and nutritional quality of food. 42 countries in the world, including America, Britain, Canada, and France, have already authorized the radiation food preservation system. In addition, it is possible to preserve food preserving its nutritional value through pasteurization; Where mainly inactive proteins, and enzymes present in food are destroyed by the application of temperature. The use of these technologies in food and nutritional security in our country is still insufficient But it should start very soon and play a revolutionary role in food security.

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