A football fan dead after violent clashes during a Boca Juniors game

The incident in Indonesia this time in Argentina! A supporter was killed during a football match. Many injured. Events in the capital Buenos Aires. The police had to come down to stop the protest. Tear gas canisters were fired. Due to the commotion, the game had to be stopped after 9 minutes.

Gimnasia and Boca Juniors met at the Carmelo Zerillo stadium in La Plata, 50 km from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. It was important for both teams to win this match to get the trophy.

The incident in Indonesia is very similar to Thursday’s incident. Here, too, the opposing team’s supporters had no access to the field. Here too, more spectators than the number of seats wanted to enter the field. As soon as the police apprehended them, a skirmish broke out. Police were forced to fire rubber bullets and tear gas. The situation in the stadium was terrible. Police fired tear gas into the stadium to stop the angry fans. Then the match started. But because the field was full of gas, the footballers couldn’t breathe. The referee was forced to stop the game. At that moment, the supporters tried to enter the field to escape the tear gas

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“One supporter died of a heart attack,” said Buenos Aires Security Minister Sergio Berni. Everyone on the field has been hit in one way or another. At one point I couldn’t breathe. At one point the situation got out of hand and the match was canceled because there was no guarantee of safety.”

The video posted on social media showed many supporters taking shelter in the field to escape the tear gas. Among them were small supporters. The crowd took to the field before the footballers returned to the locker room. Gymnasium footballer Leonardo Morales said: “My two-year-old son couldn’t breathe. I was worried about those in the audience. Coming to a football game and watching family members die, who would like to see that?”

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