Bangladesh and India are fighting for their survival today

India is a big regret in Bangladesh cricket. Great achievements have been missed by losing again and again. Bangladesh will face India at Adelaide Oval in the T20 World Cup stage again today at 2 pm in a very important game. A victory for both teams will keep their hopes of qualifying for the semi-finals very much alive, a loss will reduce their chances. Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan has announced he will go down with a view to winning today at the iconic and historic Adelaide Oval.

Here the Tigers reached the quarter-finals for the first time in the 2015 ODI World Cup after beating mighty England by 15 points. But this time the heartbreak of the 2016 World Cup of T20 in Bangalore by 1 run strike. Once again, the happy memory of India’s defeat in Delhi in 2019 gives motivation. Therefore, the Bangladesh team will end up with a mixed emotional situation without any burden. Because the victory against Holland-Zimbabwe achieved the goal, now the supercharged Tigers have nothing to lose. Shakib’s goal is to win today against tough opponents, unfavorable conditions, hostile nature.
Adelaide winters come with strong winds. And the sun-rain game goes on endlessly. There is also a chance of rain tonight. However, after overcoming all this, the Bangladesh team started the World Cup campaign in Hobart with victory. As in Hobart, the Bangladesh team will have to bear in mind the possibility of 10-12 degrees, wind and rain. So far, India has played 1 T20 in Adelaide.

In 2016 they played at this venue and won against hosts Australia by 37 points. Only 5 T20 Internationals have been played at this venue and in those matches, the team beating first has averaged over 181 points. Regular Big Bash T20 matches take place at this site. Considering all T20 matches, the average run per team is 170! For this reason, you need to build a large collection if you want to strike first here.

The Indian batting roster consists of Lokesh Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Suryakumar Yadav. Bangladesh’s bowling squad will face a big challenge against them. However, it is a big hope that Taskin Ahmed, who has always been a quick right-arm point guard against India, is in good shape. Taskin could be a big asset to counter the Indian order. Apart from that, left-hander, Mustafizur Rahman has played very economically in the current World Cup so far. Bangladesh will watch it.
The Bangladesh team may have to think of another bowler in today’s game. The fifth bowler suffered in the previous 3 games. In particular, left-arm spinner Shakib and irregular off-spinner Mosaddek Hossain Saikat had to make the last 2 overs against Zimbabwe. However, from what Shakib said, there is a strong possibility of not taking any additional bowlers.

Because it is important to keep the batting lineup strong against in-form point guards like Arshdeep Singh, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammed Shami and Hardik Pandya in the Indian bowling line. He said: “Mossadeq also got 5 wickets in one game this year against Zimbabwe. Getting 5 wickets is very rare in T20. If you consider him an erratic bowler, I’d say that’s wrong.

In this case, Shakib can use Soumya Sarkar, who is an effective middle pacemaker, as an extra bowler. And the previous XI is likely to remain today. However, right-arm pacemaker Hasan Mahmood hasn’t done well in the last two games. In this case, the Shariful Islam left-handed pacer can take place in the XI. Bangladesh got just one win after playing 11 T20s against India.

This victory came in Delhi, the capital of India, in 2019. This match won by 7 wickets can be a great motivation for the Bangladesh team today. Another great confidence booster to get over the World Cup loss to India could be the 2015 ODI World Cup victory over powerhouse England in Adelaide. At this rate, England failed to reach the quarters. But Bangladesh lost to India in the quarter-finals in a thrilling and hard-fought game.

The Tigers lost to India in the preliminary round and final of the Nidahas Trophy in Sri Lanka in 2018, the T20 Asian Cup final in 2016 and the ODI Asian Cup final in 2018 However, overshadowing all these hardships, the heartbreaking suffering found in Bangalore 6 and a half years ago returns. Because this match was also on the World Cup stage and again the two teams meet in the World Cup today. Bangladesh lost by 1 point in a close game in Bangalore. Shakib can change the past?
In the 2009 World Cup, Bangladesh lost by 25 points when they faced India for the first time in Nottingham. In other words, this is the third meeting between the two teams in the World Cup. The Indian team is statistically ahead of Bangladesh everywhere in the World Cup and outside the World Cup. However, there is a silver lining with great opportunity. Both teams have played 3 games in the current season and both teams have lost against South Africa.

This massive loss to Bangladesh put the Shakibs back in a clean race and as India was beaten in the last lap, their race is quite good. Bangladesh must therefore win today if they want to keep the hope of going to the semi-finals. Shakib said about it: “India is the favorite team, they came here to win the World Cup. We are not favorites and we did not come to win the World Cup. You understand the situation.

We know very well, if we lose India, it will be inevitable. We want to do that by playing our best cricket. In other words, Shakib’s goal is to win. But Indian coach Rahul Dravid says that won’t happen if Bangladesh wins. He said: “It’s a very good team. This format, this World Cup has shown us that no team can be taken lightly. There are a few such examples in the Ireland-England game this season.

Regardless of the run rate, India, who got 4 points from 3 matches, will have to go down to win today. That is why they will descend desperately. Bangladesh’s bowling roster might be able to fight hard, but the batting line? Even in the current World Cup, Bangladesh’s stick was not good, they were unable to score points at the end as expected and fell apart again and again. India does not have this problem. However, a decision on whether wicketkeeper Dinesh Karthik will play due to fitness issues will have to be made hours before today’s game.

It was he who beat Bangladesh to the Nidahas Trophy. For this reason, the biggest challenge for the great Bangladesh bowling team in the current season is against the batting department of India. Can Shakib do an unforgettable feat today by taking on this challenge? Will the memories of Adelaide in 2015 or Delhi’s elusive 2019 victory return?

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