Bangladeshi Hussain spreads the light of science worldwide

A boy who grew up from a poor family in a remote part of Bangladesh spreads the light of science around the world. However, due to lack of opportunities in Ajparagaon, he did not have the opportunity to study science. Ghullia village of Mohammadpur police station of Magura district. Hussain Alam is that boy. Who passed Dakhil and Alim from Madrasa. Hussain holds a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from the University of Wroclaw, Poland and currently works as a teaching assistant at that university.

His academic achievements caused a stir in Europe and around the world. Nine people have won the Nobel Prize from the 450-year-old university. Hussain, son of Bangladesh, taught at this university; It is certainly a matter of pride. Hussain is the privileged representative of Bangladesh.

Hussain is a founding member of the British Graduate College of Rocklore in Poland. He carried such a dream with him all his life. Hussain has a difficult life. In fact, Hussain had to go through a lot of hardship to get this far. But Hussain had an intense pursuit, an indomitable will, a definite purpose. As a result, he got the fruits of dreams and struggles. There was no school in the village where he was born. His wish was to study science; Being a doctor for the poor. At that time, the village had no paved roads, no electricity; Even the light of education has not reached the fate of many people.

In the evenings, Hussain could not read because of the screams and singing of people around him. He spent that time sleeping on the advice of his mother. At night, when the environment was calm, he studied with his younger sister. He and his younger sister studied in the same class. Due to scarcity, the two continued their studies with only one set of books. Since the fifth grade, he has been earning money from attending college.

Hussain Alam did his Honors from the University of Sunderland, London. Masters from Canterbury Christ Church University. He did all kinds of work to support his education and life in London. At that time, his annual expenditure was from 20 to 22 thousand pounds. To make that much money, she had to work three part-time jobs, including kitchen potter and cleaning. He had to clean in the morning, the hospitality manager of the University of Kent in the afternoon, and the manager of an Indian restaurant in the afternoon. That would make it midnight to finish all the work. Later, he stayed up all night to study.

Hussain Alam is the second Bangladeshi to earn a master’s degree from Canterbury Christ Church University. He is the only foreign PhD candidate who has been awarded the Best Student Actor Scholarship twice out of fourteen and a half students.

He is the only foreigner in the history of Poland to be a scientific member of the Polish Association. Six of his articles have appeared in the International High-Class Journal. He has submitted papers at more than 25 international conferences. According to Hussain Alam, there is no substitute for hard work and honesty to make a dream come true. Hussain’s story is a life of hard work, dedication, intense pursuit and honesty. Which teaches us to think again.

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