Blackout fears across Britain

Fears are mounting that Britain could be hit by power outages this coming winter. Ministers are discussing launching a public information campaign to encourage people to reduce their domestic gas-electricity consumption in winter, the BBC reported.

The plan is being negotiated between the Ministry of Commerce, energy companies, and grid operator National Grid. This includes encouraging households to turn down their thermostats and use dishwasher-washing machines at night and when the demand for gas-fired electricity is low.

Officials have discussed using a service from National Grid to alert consumers by text, phone call, or email when the power goes out, The Guardian reports. It examines how the service can be used to communicate with households about reducing electricity consumption. When a fault or outage is detected, the system notifies customers and ensures that power is restored.

Sources close to the talks said government officials and industry executives are determined to avoid blackouts, with gas supplies to cafes not interrupted under any circumstances. So a public information campaign, ie encouraging people to reduce the pressure on energy supplies in winter, will help.

Although ministers have so far rejected calls for consumers to reduce their energy consumption, they say using gas and electricity is a personal decision’.

Energy regulator Ofgem has said there is a “significant risk” of gas shortages in the coming winter as a result of the war in Ukraine. Because the gas reserves in Europe decreased considerably before the winter.

Government analysis shows Britain could face four days of power outages in January if gas shortages and severe winter weather set in.

While European countries have made significant progress in filling gas storage facilities and reducing consumption, concerns about supply and high prices remain in the coming years.

Last week, Russia’s Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea was damaged. The EU claims that Moscow has a hand in this. European leaders have banned hot water in parts of Germany and France is trying to send consumers a message to cut costs, including wearing warm clothes.

Trade Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg is negotiating long-term supply contracts with two gas-exporting countries, Qatar and Norway. This would oblige the UK to buy massive amounts of gas for more than a decade. Meanwhile, the government has signed agreements with power generators, including Drax and EDF, to put their coal-fired operations on standby next winter.

Raja Khan, a hotel businessman in London’s Croydon area, told the Bengali Tribune on Friday that if Britain falls under the blackout over the winter, in addition to public suffering, British business and trade will be hit by corona. and inflation, with extreme losses. The government must address the situation in advance.

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