“Carry” all year before the World Cup, why Riyadh? Tamim’s question

Mahmudullah Riyad was not kept in the World Cup squad. If Tamim’s question is not kept in the team, why was he carried with the team all year?


After the Asian Cup there was a question about Mushfiq and Mahmudullah getting a place in the World Cup team, will they survive in the end? Or write your name in Bader’s book.

However, Mushfiqur announced his retirement from the international T20 right after the Asian Cup. This somewhat reduced the problems of the selectors. However, Mahmudullah was the cause of the headaches.

Finally, the selectors announced the team without him. But this year he played 13 T20 Bangladesh. Mahmudullah played 8! That’s why Tamim asked why he was dropped at the last minute after being with the team all year.

“You see that the team that is playing now is a bit new if you exclude a few. Everything that is new takes time. I have said it before, if Mushfiq and Riyad had been on a bigger podium at the World Cup, I would have liked it.”

He added, “Because if you’ve been wearing so many senior cricketers for a whole year, why (remove) for the World Cup? If it’s done for the year it’s fine. Because after this World Cup you have two years to give (the new ones). ” I’d like to announce my retirement from T20 INTERNATIONALS and focus on the game’s test and ODI formats. I will be available to play in franchise leagues when the opportunity arises. I look forward to proudly representing my country in the two formats: MR15

Yasir-Ali-RabbiYasir’s place in the eleventh is improved by the exclusion of Mahmudullah. The first game of the tri-series Pakistan played a great inning. Also, Afif can be seen with four, as Mushfiqur is not available. Tamim also praised the two junior cricketers. “I also have to say, those who play their place like Yasir Rabbi…I appreciate him very much. Afif plays very well.” When experienced cricketers are excluded from the team and a new player is hired, the public and media should listen to the criticism if the new player underperforms. Tamim requested not to harm their career.

“I will make a request, who will be on the team or not, but everyone has questions. I will say, you will say it. No one is forced into the team. And why there must be a plan for him. So give him that chance. Before the first ball is bowled. Don’t finish him.” Be the first to get all kinds of international cricket news including Bangladesh cricket Register by clicking here BDCricTime video channel. No more foreign apps to get live scores ball by ball. Download Bangladesh’s number one cricket app by searching BDCricTime on Play Store now to get the latest Bangladesh Cricket news and ball-by-ball live scores on your mobile. or to download click here. If you like it, please rate it.

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