Census Verification Survey Launched Oct 10 Trading

According to Census and Household Census-2022, the population of Bangladesh is 16.52 million. Many have questions about the demographics of this census. Therefore, from October 10-16, the nationwide census verification inquiry will be launched to properly verify this census.

Bangladesh Institute of Development Research (BIDS) will conduct post-census verification activities in 354 areas of 64 districts of the country. This information was given Monday in a function at the BIDS conference room in the capital’s Agargaon. The Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS) will conduct the PEC (Post-Census Enumeration) of the census, completely independent of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

Planning Minister MA Mannan was the main guest yesterday. Guest of honor was the state minister for planning. Shamsul Alam. Special guest was planning secretary Mamun-al-Rashid, secretary of the Department of Statistics and Information Management. Shahnaz Arefin and Director General of the Statistical Office of Bangladesh Matiur Rahman. The director-general of BIDS was chairman. Vinayak Sen. The director of Census and Home Enumeration Project said. Dildar Hossain, coordinator of PEC activities. Yunus.

On the occasion, it was announced that Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) will be done via tabs. On October 9, at 12:01 PM, all local and foreign citizens residing in designated areas will be counted. In addition, all Bangladeshi nationals of certain areas who temporarily stay abroad for less than six months are counted again. After comparing the new information with the previous census information, it can be said how many errors were made in the census. Then the master census report will be prepared by coordinating that information.

With good news on price inflation, Planning Minister MA Mannan said: ‘There is good news. It has become possible to rein in the wild horse of inflation. Inflation data will be released in a day or two. Inflation rose in August. But in September it waned. This is because 4 crore people get benefits through 1 crore family cards. As a result of various government initiatives, those directly affected by inflation have also benefited. As a result, inflation has slowed down. We do not carry out any engineering of data. It’s only getting a little late for procedural reasons.’

He went on to say, ‘This count has been done by spending people’s money. Now PCO is done. In this case, it should be remembered that this large amount is used correctly. The responsibility to spend this money is an honor as rare as it is important. You work independently. I speak as a bio senior. No problem at work. I work out of loyalty to the country and not to any party or system.’

State Minister of Planning. Shamsul Alam said, BBS has done a good count despite several obstacles. It is now being tested. BBS should be given a little more freedom. Bangladesh does not enjoy the same freedom of statistical resources as in India. Bureau of Statistics should provide more current information.

Mamun-al-Rashid, secretary of the Planning Commission, said there are indications that the PEC commission will do it independently. They have confirmed the mental and ethical aspects from the very beginning of the work. This guarantees that there will be a good PEC. If the information is not correct, the plan is not correct. Everyone should take this into account.

Secretary of the Statistics Department. Shahnaz Arefin said: ‘Numerology is like the legs of a table. on which the table stands. Likewise, no plan is correct without accurate statistics. We conducted the census according to UN guidelines. Hopefully, through the PEC, if there are errors, they will come out. This will tell BBS how accurate the census process has been.

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