Chenna Jolus returns to Tokyo Film Festival

The Tokyo International Film Festival will normally be held after the Corona pandemic. This allows viewers to enjoy movies and various events again. These events are held in the Hibiya, Yurakucho, Marunauchi and Ginza areas of the capital of Japan. After three years, the 10-day event will see the Lalgalichar Jolus.

Tokyo is one of the world’s top 15 international film festivals. The 35th season kicks off on October 24. Lasts until Nov. 2.

The Kurosawa Akira Award is presented at this festival after 14 years. Two-time Oscar-winning Mexican film director Alejandro Gonzalen Iñárritu and Japanese director Fukada Koji receive this prestigious award for outstanding contributions to world cinema. The award will be presented to them on October 29 at the Imperial Hotel.

In 2000, Iñárritu’s first feature film, Amores Perros, won the parallel section of the Cannes Film Festival International Critics’ Week and the Grand Prix at the Tokyo International Film Festival. The film was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film category at the Oscars. He then made ‘Babel’ (2006), ‘Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance’ (2014), ‘The Revenant’ (2016). In 2009, he was the head judge of the 22nd Tokyo Film Festival.

59-year-old Iñárritu’s new film, Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths, was selected in competition at the 79th Venice International Film Festival last month. It will be featured in the Gala Selection section at the Tokyo festival this year.

Fukada Koji’s ‘Harmonium’ won the Jury Prize at the 69th Cannes Film Festival in 2016 in the Ansarte Riga category. He is one of Japan’s leading producers on the international stage. He was credited for launching the ‘Mini Theater Aid’ initiative with Ryusuke Hamaguchi, another Japanese director, during the difficult times of arthouse theater during the Corona period. The 42-year-old director’s new film ‘Love Life’ was selected this year in the competition section of the Venice Film Festival.

International Competition Department

On September 21, the official roster for the 35th Tokyo Film Festival was announced. The event was held in downtown Hibiya, Tokyo. It is one of the main venues of the festival. Festival chairman Ando Hiroyasu in Tokyo gave a welcome speech at the press conference. This time he said about increasing the number of halls. However, the commercial wing TIFFCOM will be online from 25 to 27 October.

This time, 15 films have been selected in the competition category from 1,695 films from 107 countries and regions. Eight of them will have their world premiere at the festival. Three films from Japan have been placed in the competition. These are Imaizumi Rikiya’s ‘By the Window’, Fukunaga Takeshi’s ‘Mountain Woman’ and Matsunaga Deishi’s ‘Egoist’.

Julie Taymor, the American stage and opera director and film director, will head the jury in this year’s international competition section.

Opening and Closing Movies

Tokyo Film Festival program director Shojo Ishiyama says JJ Takahisa’s ‘Fragments of the Last Will’ has been selected as the festival’s opening film.

The closing film is ‘Living’ directed by the South African Oliver Hermanus. These are shown in the Gala selection section.

Other arrangements
Senior programmer Ishizaka Kenji said the Asian Future section has 10 photos of emerging manufacturers from different countries. They are administrators from Israel, Iran, Turkey, China, India and Japan.

The World Focus section will feature Marina Er Gorbach’s ‘Klondowk’ (Ukraine and Turkey). Festival authorities will raise money for war-torn Ukraine in several theaters.

The focus of the Japanese Animation Programming discipline will be on ‘Creating Worlds with Animation’. It will feature three Japanese animated works. In addition, Tokyo is highlighted through animation in four films in the ‘Animation and Tokyo’ section. At the same time there are seminars and lectures.

In addition to the film screening, the festival will also hold a Q&A session with the stars in person. Japanese actress Hashimoto Ai is ambassador of the Tokyo Film Festival for the second time. The festival’s official song, ‘Bonfire’, was composed by Japanese rock band Newpeak.

The official partners of the 35th Tokyo Film Festival are Amazon Prime Video, Capcom and Coca-Cola. The Amazon Prime Video Take One Award is presented to a fully independent director living in Japan.

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