‘Damaal’ is Rafi’s best film to date

I really liked “Paran”. There is no doubt that ‘Paraan’ is director Raihan Rafi’s finest work, although there is room for regret. When the director said in the past few days, ‘Damaal’ is the best film of his career, this film will be a document of history’ – after hearing that, I said in a low voice, ‘More and more! Does anyone beat their own drum? But today, after buying tickets and watching ‘Damaal’ with my family, I realized director Raihan Rafi should have shut up this time. Because now the public will beat the drum for the ‘Damal’ team.

Viewers like me. Those who want to see something in Bangladeshi cinema that has never been seen before. Want to feel something that speaks to their roots, to their existence. They want something that will entertain and excite them for the rest of their lives. “Damaal” is definitely Raihan Rafi’s best film to date. After watching the movie, I saw many people sitting around me with tears in their eyes. These tears are for the country. These tears are for such a revival of Bengali cinema. I have never seen such dynamic artwork without compromising quality in a Bangladeshi film about the liberation war, football, or any other sport. Hats off to the ‘Damaal’ team for that. Thanks to producer Impress Telefilm for sponsoring such a film.

To be honest, after ‘Devi’ and ‘Hawa’, no movie promotions could satisfy me. However, the “Damaal” team rocked the shelves for their aggressive promotions ahead of the movie’s release. It was fear. Can ‘Damal’ surpass the popularity of ‘Paran’? To meet the dizzying expectations of the campaign? Answer: ‘Damaal’ did. Done successfully. I got goosebumps, got emotional, subconsciously clapped, and whistled at many scenes in the movie.

It is quite a difficult task to arrange the story, the screenplay, and the dialogue of a film inspired by real events. Which is considered ‘Damaal’. There are many scenes or dialogues in the movie that will make the general audience applaud. Although the duration could have been reduced by another 10 minutes. If there was no song “Man Posh Mane Na” or another subplot, the story would not have suffered such a loss. But the cinematography, cinematography, music, sound, art direction, costumes, makeup – every department is excellent. Still love Suman Sarkar’s cinematography. This time he impresses once again. Among the songs: ‘Ghurghur Poka’ could have been another ‘Sada Sada Kala Kala’ with more promotion. It was great to see the song on screen. At the end of the film, I wanted to watch the title song “Damaal” created for the campaign. The thirst of the spirit is satisfied.

Who played the best in the movie ‘Damaal’? I do not know the answer. Each actor worked with passion. He managed to touch the director’s dream. Director Rafi also extracted the best work from the actors in a single scene. Most loved, almost all the characters, big and small, have been properly characterized in this film.

Every time I saw Siam Ahmed as ‘Durjoy’, I said ‘Wow!’ Recently popular stars in our country do not act much or dare to star in ensemble films. Siam has also acted fluently in front of giants like Chanchal Chowdhury in the movie ‘Pap Punya’, in the movie ‘Mridha Vs Mridha’ he also acted alongside legend Tariq Anam Khan, in the movie ‘Operation Sundarban’ he also acted with contemporary heroes, this time in the movie ‘Damaal’ with a large number of actors, he brought out his own place. In his scenes with Shariful Raj, the two did not feel like rivals but instead developed respect for both. The character ‘Durjoy’ will be memorable in Siam’s career.

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