Disabling these security features in Windows 11 will improve your computer’s gaming performance

Gaming Windows 11: Microsoft has identified that some virtualization features of Windows 11 may affect gaming performance and instructs gamers to disable them at their own risk.

Microsoft has found that some Windows 11 virtualization features can affect game performance and instructs gamers to disable them at their own risk. In a social media post, the tech giant said that “ongoing testing and user feedback” has shown that both memory integrity and the virtual machine platform (VMP) can affect system performance in games.

“Players who want to prioritize achievements have the option to disable these features while playing the game and re-enable them when the game is over. However, the device could be compromised if it is turned off,” the message reads.

Memory integrity helps ensure that the drivers installed in the operating system are trusted and protects your system from malicious code attacks, while VMP provides core services for virtual machines. Both Memory Integrity and VMP are now pre-enabled on new Windows 11 systems to help Microsoft better protect its customers from security threats. But the company also recognizes that its users can configure their systems to meet specific needs, even if that means turning off security features.

“The system requirements for Windows 11 remain the same. There are no changes and our recommendation remains that people keep the features enabled for optimal protection,” said Pawan Davuluri, CVP, Windows Silicon and Systems Integration.

To disable Memory Integrity, select Start, type “Core Isolation” in the taskbar and click the Core Isolation result to open the Windows Security app. You can disable the memory integrity switch from this page.

To disable VMP, select Start, type “Windows features” and in the list of results “Turn Windows features on or off.” A new Windows Properties window will open. Find “Virtual Machine Platform” in the list and deselect it. Microsoft says you may need to restart your device for the changes to take effect.

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