Does Hiring Robot CEOs Retire People?

Hire the first robot CEO

On September 8, 2022, the Hindustan Times reported that for the first time in the world, a “robot” is the CEO of a company. Chinese mobile game maker NetDragon Websoft recently hired an artificial intelligence (AI) virtual human (robot) as its general manager. It is the first time in the world that such an incident has occurred. The humanoid robot’s name is ‘Tang Yu’. After being hired last month, Ms. Tang Yu has started her job at Fujian NetDragon Websoft. According to the company’s statement, this robot will help make various decisions in the day-to-day operations of the company. In this way, Tang Yu will work to make the risk management system more effective. The robot will also serve as a real-time data center and analytics tool for the company’s governance. The founder of NetDragon Websoft. “We believe AI is the future of business management,” says Dejian Liu. He said this step was taken with a view to the company’s future strategic growth. Some of the notable inventions in this era of technological excellence that will greatly impact the coming days include:

New microchips:

In 2012, a new type of microchip was introduced to the market due to advancing technology. James M. Toure, a synthetic biochemist at Rice University in Houston, recently developed a small memory chip. This chip is very transparent and flexible. It will be able to store much more data. The chip can be easily swapped between pen drives, smartphones and computers. Not only that, this chip will bring much more transparency and flexibility to the computer database. And the most interesting thing is that this chip can be wrapped or folded like paper. In addition, even at a temperature of a thousand degrees Fahrenheit (538 degrees Celsius), it will not deteriorate and remain completely intact. That is, the screen of the device can always serve the memory.

Mobile camera Mega to Giga Pixels:

Samsung has launched a 108 megapixel camera sensor for the first time in the world. Samsung has put the sensor named ISOCell Bright HMX in a joint venture with Xiaomi from China. In addition, Xiaomi has brought a mobile phone with a high-resolution camera of 108 megapixels. This new camera is capable of taking perfect wide-angle photos. As a result, Giga Pixel will soon enter the world.

Quantum Computing and Quantum Supremacy:

US IT giant Google has claimed to have developed a quantum computer. 78 scientists wrote a paper in the journal Nature. There they say that it is possible to create a quantum computer. Google recently experimentally tested a quantum computer processor. The most powerful supercomputers will take thousands of years to perform the same calculations that this new processor can now do. This is called quantum supremacy.

Internet of Things (IoT):

This year the tide has come in smart technology. Whether it concerns smart home or smart city or smart agriculture. Everything has become internet dependent. The two areas seeing the most internet use this year are health and manufacturing. Most of today’s manufacturing companies use IoT devices for perfect production and innovation.

Cloud – Resource Sharing:

Storing your stuff on someone else’s storage is called cloud computing. Through cloud computing, a person or organization can access the resources of others such as virtual machines, storage, etc. More than 90 percent of organizations today use some kind of cloud service. This makes it possible to share the web space all over the world.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

Virtual reality is an imaginary environment created by software that is presented to the user as the real world. Not really in the real sense, but a science-based fantasy that evokes real consciousness. Augmented reality is an augmented version of the real world. Augmented reality adds a computer-generated layer to what you actually see. Only then a new feeling arises through the combination of the real and the virtual. A large number of VR, AR-based devices have been sold in 2019. Top sellers in the video game industry.

Drone Delivery:

This year the tide has come in the transport of goods via drones. Companies like Amazon, Apple, Uber Eats are working to improve drone technology. In addition, Google’s subsidiary Wing and UPS are the first two companies to receive approval from the Federal Aviation Administration of America.

Nano technology:

Nanotechnology refers to the science and technology of nanoscale objects, objects that exhibit significantly different behavior on a large scale or even a microscopic scale from their constituent materials. Nanotechnology generally deals with structures smaller than 100 nanometers in at least one dimension. But this definition is not quite correct. The essence of nanotechnology is not limited to measuring dimensions, but especially the change of material properties on the smallest scale. Therefore, even an object 200 nanometers in length can be considered a true nanomaterial, if it exhibits significantly different behavior than on a large scale or on a microscopic (micrometer) scale. Nanotechnology is multidimensional, ranging from conventional semiconductor physics to advanced molecular self-synthesis technology, or from mastering molecular structures to creating nanomaterials with new properties. Richard Feynman is called the father of nanotechnology. The use of nanotechnology can revolutionize many fields, including medicine, electronics and energy production. On the other hand, there are doubts about the possible adverse effects on the environment. Nevertheless, extensive research into nanotechnology is being done in many countries of the world.

3D printer:

A three-dimensional printer (also known as 3D printing) or fabrication is a process for creating three-dimensional solid objects of almost any shape from digital models. Three-dimensional printing is a metal process in which layers of metal or other material are successively joined in different shapes. 3D printing is considered different from traditional mechanical manufacturing processes as traditional manufacturing involves cutting or drilling a metal or object into a desired shape. These printers typically do 3D printing using digital technology. Since the beginning of the 21st century, sales of these machines have skyrocketed and prices have dropped significantly. This technology is suitable for both types of production: prototyping and distributed production. This technology is used in the jewelry industry, footwear industry, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction, automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering and many other fields.

Philosophy of Technology

People are influenced by different philosophies to live their social life. Practicing different philosophies of the past, now actually the victory of democracy. The philosophy of technology is no exception. All modern technology puts people to work and frees people from many tedious tasks. But there’s a worrying aspect to it: whether technology is replacing humans. Hiring a robot CEO seems to be one such thing. The microelectronics sector itself is driven by instrumentation. Nanobots have already overtaken humans in medical work (surgery and diagnosis). Drones deliver products reliably everywhere. Drones are also effective in military applications. Machines have taken their place in heavy and complex work. Virtual reality now rules not only the game world, but also the entertainment world.

A diverse human community

The development of mankind on earth is not the same everywhere. The development of civilization has also taken place in various places since the past. The knowledge of the Greek and Roman civilizations of the past still exists. Assyrian, Nile, Harappan-Mayenjo-daro, Maya-Aztec civilizations have been lost. The current civilization under new European leadership is Western democratic civilization. But the knowledge practice of people all over the world is not so developed. A large proportion of the world’s seven and a half billion people are simply consuming resources – they are not contributing at all. The poverty of the whole world has not disappeared today – the wars have not disappeared. Epidemics like Corona and a new world war are upon him. As a result, the economic recession has started. Who after Sri Lanka? – It will be published soon. So the footprints of famine are shocking to the people of the world today. Added to this is the global reality of climate change. So the question arises about human existence.

Be careful to have time

Big danger world situation and appointment of CEO of big disaster robot on it.
Where human survival is a big question; There, the robot is placed in the main decision-making chair. If this trend starts, the powerful countries of the world will entrust their interstate relations and the security of their countries to intelligent robots. Then most of the poor people in the world will live or die based on the decisions of these robots. The problem, therefore, is an inhumane massacre that will be decided by an advanced invention of human technological excellence, robots with artificial intelligence. So now conscious people have to decide whether we hand over our future to an artificial intelligence machine.

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