Dulquer Salmaan’s problem with public speaking is how he became the idol of Kerala

In the colorful world of cinema, the number of famous stars in the four-language industry is very small. One of those rare stars is Dulquer Salmaan. Language skills are one of the reasons for its popularity. Currently, his success in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi cinema is on the rise both artistically and commercially. Also obtaining the title of National Heartthrob. But the Sita Ramam actor had to travel a long way to get here.

Dulquer has always chosen the path where others have not gone too far. Wanted to learn in all areas of life and thus gradually became competent. It all started when he was studying at the Shisya School in Chennai, when any act or dance held at the school, Dulquer’s name must be on it. Later in his career, he spent three years in Dubai He averaged Tulen construction company. It was also a lesson. Dulkar said, then I learned to be patient for payment, contract and manpower recruitment. Then learned to be patient while waiting between two shots.

Dulquer never misses small moments and opportunities, he started making short films as a child in school. Then he decided to sharpen his acting skills. Let’s listen to Dulquer’s words for the reason – “When the age reaches 40, I don’t want to regret doing nothing. I informed my family that a Friday. The sister checked online and said Barry John’s acting school is starting in Mumbai from Monday. It was service stealing that began to evolve into acting.

Actor and director dad Mammootty said, I can’t come with you or play for you. Besides, there will be many who will criticize you because of me, you have to be prepared for both.

Dulquer is ready for the big screen after three months of continuous training. Dulkar didn’t miss any opportunity to overcome small problems and improve. For example, he used to be very hesitant to speak in public. To overcome the problem, he took a public speaking course while majoring in business management at Purdue University in Indiana. Also get the desired grade in three attempts. In this way, Dulquer was aware of the development of his personality in the preparation phase.

But Shah Rukh Khan also had an influence on Dulquer growing up. Dulquer grew up watching Shah Rukh Khan films in Chennai. From being seen at Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to buying Kal Ho Na Ho tickets in black too, it has a story. Shahrukh’s romantic avatar changed the idea of ​​love for an entire generation, and Salman Dulquer is one of them.

Salman learned many things at different times in his life. He applied the lessons learned from there in one film after another. In the film, he not only focused on his own character, but also on the performance of others. In the meantime, Dulquer has spent 10 years in the film business, starring in 45 films. He is currently one of the busiest stars in Indian cinema. This star is involved in a lot of good artistic works even if he takes a hell of a risk. Act in different roles.

In the same year, he played several roles in Salute (Malayalam) as a troubled policeman, in Hey Sinamika (Tamil) as a romantic hero and in Sita Ramam (Telugu) in Pakistan during the 1965 war. army man trapped. Dulquer Salmaan’s third Hindi film, Chup: The Artist’s Revenge, has just been released. In it, his character is that of a mysterious florist, who is also a devotee of Guru Dutt. Despite the discussions and criticisms, the film was very successful at the box office. Chup started filming for the Malayalam period drama King of Words just two days after its release. Here he will play the role of a gangster. Its first streaming series will also be in Hindi. Raj Nidimoru and Krishna Dick’s series will be called Guns and Gulabs.

Chup director R Balki feels the 36-year-old actor is too big in front of him career ment She is very fresh, modern and relaxed in front of the camera. The simple madness of Dulquer is also good to see. Due to Dulquer’s love of experimentation, he has found success in many other languages, industries, and platforms.

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