Economic development through technological education is our goal: Vice Chancellor Dr. Mashiur Rahman

Vice Chancellor of the National University, Professor Dr. Maryland Moshiur Rahman said, “If the nation’s father Bangabandhu had not been killed in his family on August 15, 1975, then today this Bangladesh would have surpassed all world in the development of technology, science and economic growth.

The Vice-Chancellor said this while attending a ceremony at Central Women’s College in the capital on Tuesday.

The Vice Chancellor also said that Bangladesh has been established as a developed, strong, humane, non-sectarian and democratic country in the history of the world. But the anti-Bangladesh forces have ruined our chance to become that Bangladesh. Military rule replaced the four freedom principles. We have been under military rule for a long time.

The Vice Chancellor spoke as the guest of honor at the discussion and free dental camp organized by the central council of the organization “Chetnay Mujib” titled “Digital Bangladesh and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the thinking of the new generation”.

Addressing the younger generation, the sociologist said, “The prosperous Bangladesh you see today is the architect of the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Later in the 1990s, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina returned to the country and called for the establishment of suffrage and rice. He is such a man, who is as strong as a father. He had embarked on a movement with two convictions, voting and rice, which he confirmed through the mass movement of the 90s. He restored democracy. His light was not on securing suffrage and rice, but he thought strongly about digital Bangladesh to create a more enlightened Bangladesh. Many people then said that the promise of digital Bangladesh will not be implemented here. But he knew the way Bangabandhu had entangled seven and a half million Bengalis in the political system. Bangabandhu’s daughter has confirmed that we will advance in the development index by uniting Bir Bengali under one network.

The National University Vice-Chancellor said, “Even today we have many limitations. This campus could be more beautiful, more organized. Those of you sitting in front wearing the same clothes, many of you have cell phones in your hands. Many have a facebook account, email id. you have friends Find new friends at your desk, on walks, on campus. One by one, you form friendships within a seamless network. You can study more online now. It took us 50 years to get here. If we look back on 50 years of our independence, we will see the story of a hundred years of deprivation. Our people were not comfortable. I couldn’t afford to wear such clothes. I was at home. I was deprived. A hero was born in Tungipara of Gopalganj. Nation father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib sows one seed of freedom after another to liberate Bengalis from thousands of years of deprivation and exploitation. He was imprisoned by the Pakistani authorities. He drew maps while he sat in prison. His name is Bangladesh. His main objective behind drawing the map of Bengal in green and blue was to liberate the people of Bengal from exploitation, deprivation and ignominy. He created a Bangladesh by depriving his infant son of love and affection by struggling all his life to be as good as you are today. It is thanks to this that we are as good as we are today.

Vice-Chancellor for Students. Moshiur Rahman said, “May Bengali be purified by your pronunciation. May education, culture and art flourish in your words. Let there be a war of liberation within your being. May we have economic development in your bone marrow, thoughts. If you and we can’t do this together, then the Bangladesh of the future will collapse. Our neighboring country is in economic crisis. Our Prime Minister holds Bangladesh as an independent guardian. We will improve, but we don’t want to become a belligerent nation like the United States or Ukraine-Russia. We want to be a humanitarian Bangladesh. Hundreds of thousands of Bengali refugees are accommodated despite numerous limitations. Human Bangladesh is our philosophy.

Central Women’s College Board Chairperson Mohi Uddin Ahmed was the main guest at the event. Tajul Islam, vice-chancellor of the University of Dhaka. ASM Maqsood Kamal, prominent journalist Ajay Dasgupta and others.

(Dhaka Times/November 1/AR)

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