Elina Shammi’s favorite color is red amusement

Elina Shammi is a familiar face of the media. He appeared regularly in all media. Whether advertising or TV drama, web or short film or web series or full Bengali film. He can be found everywhere.

This popular face also practices regularly on social media. Keep in touch with fans regularly. There is talk. Like tonight, he posted a photo on his verified Facebook ID and wrote: Favorite color is red. After that, his timeline was flooded with reactions and comments from fans.

This industrialist, who roams all media branches, stepped into this medium more than a decade ago. Handy with presentation. Yes that is true. Today, the person you see acting in TV dramas, web movies and movies, started his presentation. For more than three years, from 2011 to 2014, he presented various programs on almost all private TV channels. He was a regular face in the presentation. Chutie worked as a freelancer.

2022 also saw the release of his Charki original web series ‘Syndicate’ and Iftekhar Shubhar’s web film ‘Mukosh’.

In addition to being an actor, he has another identity, which he prefers to give. That is – he is a successful and popular screenwriter, screenwriter or in short he is a playwright. He cannot count how many dramas he has acted in, but more than 40 dramas written by him have been broadcast – he said this very emphatically.

‘I like to write off-track plays.’ said Elena. “I never compromise with my script. My plays have many characters. My plays are on the big screen. I shed light on an entire incident through a play. I cannot give Gojamil with a dialogue in the mouth of one or two characters.’

He said he started writing his script for the series ‘A-er Kaha’ about ten years ago. He wrote the scripts for more than 20 early episodes of the Banglavision series directed by Tanveer Hossain Prabal. Then he wrote one after the other. didn’t stop

Meanwhile, he acted in 16 films. Which in the meantime is free. There are more liberators. Their number is no less. “I want to perform regularly” – said Elina Siddika Shammi.

“I’m lucky – there’s no doubt about that,” Elina said as she spoke about the dire state of the post-pandemic media industry. “The time when nobody has anything to do. Time is spent in despair – even during that time I had the opportunity to work on big projects such as Janoar by Raihan Rafi, Kasai by Ananya Mamun or Destination by Aranya Palash.’

He is regularly at work, but does not feel comfortable talking about his work. “I get pleasure from work, not to talk about work” – said Elena. “I’ll bring more work. And when I come, everyone will see it.’

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