Encourage children to play sports: Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has appealed to all concerned especially parents to encourage their children to play sports outdoors. Which will help them stop following the wrong path and develop their physical and mental health. Because they are very important in nation-building. He said: “Most of our children spend most of their time in apartments with cellphones, laptops, and iPads. This is very harmful to their physical and mental health.

The Prime Minister urged parents to allow children to go out for a while, play sports and run in the field. In this, all kinds of physical and mental development of children will occur. The head of government also said: “I ask all parents, you must pay attention to the education of your children as well as to sports”. Then the children will not go astray. Sheikh Hasina said all this in the keynote speech of the National Sports Awards 2013-2021 to 85 sports personalities and organizers in recognition of their glorious contribution to the country’s sports arena this morning.

He virtually joined the main event of the Ministry of Youth and Sports at Osmani Smriti Auditorium in the capital via video conference from his official residence, Gana Bhavan. Sheikh Hasina said that sports, physical activity, and cultural activities are essential for a nation. We must all remember this, we must encourage and create opportunities for the youngest children. Only then can our sons and daughters become human beings. They will also have a good spirit, they will learn well, and will not go astray – this is my belief.

The Prime Minister said that sport is a form of physical exercise. Our children benefit physically and mentally. Moreover, there were many kinds of sports in the rural areas of our country, they should be revived. For this, arrangements should be made to widely organize inter-school competitions, inter-college competitions, and inter-university competitions.

He said that in addition to various sports such as football, cricket, volleyball, swimming, and hockey at the district-Upazila level, we must reintroduce traditional sports such as Danguli, Sat Chara Gollachoot, and Hadudu .  An inter-school competition should be organized. That we started the inter-school competition in the field of football from the initial stage. As a result, we welcome many new players and they also make a special contribution at the national level. Everyone will therefore pay particular attention to it. Stressing that his government is doing the necessary cooperation in this regard, the head of government said that we want to be more proactive on this sport.

Mentioning the lack of sports facilities in the capital, Dhaka, he said: “We have taken initiatives to ensure that every area has a playground. Where I get free space, I turn it into a playground. Because it is absolutely necessary to have a playground in each zone. In this case, an academy is being built for the sports of people with special needs next to the parliament building. In 1996, after the first government was formed, the prime minister called for more sponsorship of people with special needs, bringing 72 medals from America to the Olympics.

Minister Delegate for Youth and Sports to the Prime Minister. Zahid Ahsan Russell presented the awards to the winners and presided over the ceremony. Abdullah Al Islam Jacob, chairman of the parliamentary standing committee of the Ministry of Sports, was present and the secretary of the ministry, Mesbah Uddin, gave a welcome speech. A documentary on the development of the sport was screened during the event. Previously, the Ministry of Youth and Sports nominated 85 sportsmen and organizers for this prestigious National Sports Award in recognition of their contribution to the country’s sports scene from 2013 to 2020.

Each will receive an 18k gold medal weighing 25 grams, a check for one lakh rupee, and a certificate as a prize. Father of Bangabandhu Nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s second son Shaheed Lieut. Sheikh Jamal has been awarded as Player and Organizer of the Year 2020 (posthumously). On his behalf, a family member and deputy of Khulna-2 Sheikh Salahuddin Jewel accepted the award.

Sheikh Hasina said that under government patronage, athletes with autism and physical disabilities have won 216 gold, 109 silver and 84 bronze medals by participating in the Special Olympics and bringing honour to the country. Bangladesh beat India by 9 wickets in the “Bangabandhu Four-Nation Disabled T20 Cricket Tournament” held at Cox’s Bazar in March this year and became the undefeated champions.
Referring to the success of our women in all sports including cricket and football, he directed the Minister of State for Youth and Sports to create more opportunities for women. In this context, he also mentioned that the wife of Bangabandhu’s eldest son, Sheikh Kamal, Sultana Kamal, was a champion athlete in the country and the ‘Blue’ of the University of Dhaka.

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