Exchange vaccination certificates

There is no way to stop the fraud related to Corona. Within days of discovering the existence of this deadly virus, the Corona test fraud began. On the one hand, there was extreme fear among people with this virus; On the other hand, the system to identify it in the government initiative was also insufficient. Responding to this situation, some private hospitals have started making fake corona test reports in the name of a rapid corona test. After extensive discussion and criticism in various media at home and abroad, the law enforcement officers suppressed the gang. But last year, when vaccination was started to prevent corona infection, false certificates of corona vaccine were seen on the market.

After the introduction of vaccination in several countries, access without vaccination is prohibited in almost all countries. For this, anyone going abroad must carry the vaccination certificate as proof of receiving the required number of vaccinations. Even after online registration, one has to wait for some time for vaccinations administered by the government. In addition, if you do not have a national identity card, you will have to register twice with a passport. On the other hand, due to visa validity issues, travelers should get a vaccination certificate as soon as possible. Those fake certificate sellers are trying to take advantage of this.

More worryingly, fraudsters have recently started handing out genuine vaccination certificates. A report from Friday citing the cyber-monitoring division of the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police says that a dishonest gang is using the secret password of the security app when registering the corona vaccine to issue real certificates to those interested in money. to switch. The fear of tarnishing the country’s image abroad by false vaccination certificates remains. However, it is not difficult to identify the fake certificate if the right authorities want it. We have also received evidence of this as a result of the activities of the relevant government agencies and law enforcement agencies.

But in reality, if someone walks around with the original certificate without taking any corona vaccination, it will be difficult to separate the non-vaccine from the vaccinated. In addition, due to the lack of minimal protection in the body, there is a danger that those certificate holders, just like themselves, will quickly succumb to the attack of the corona virus, wherever these people live at home or abroad; It can also act as a transmission medium of this dreaded virus among others. Not only that, if this situation continues, the vaccination program running in the country at thousands of rupees; It can also fail in some way. Because the mechanism used by the government health department is handing out the original certificate of the corona vaccine; Fraudsters also sell their ‘genuine’ certificates through the same mechanism. As a result, even unvaccinated people who collect certificates from those fraudsters are considered to have received inoculations.

On the other hand, although the Dhaka Metropolitan Detective Police has confirmed the fraud with the original certificate, the director of MID of Management Information System of the Directorate of Health, which is responsible for the registration of vaccinations and the distribution of certificates, unfortunately seems still in the dark. In response to a question from Samakar, he said that if someone takes over the server through fraud, the government IT department will see. We don’t know if this statement from the MID director is an attempt to avoid the problem. Hacking or complicity of involved officials – whatever the fraudsters have taken from the server, it is important to reveal it immediately. We hope that, as promised by the criminal investigation department, the fake ring will soon be brought under the law and all kinds of genuine fake certificate activities will be stopped forever.

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