Finally bond trading starts on exchangers

Finally, the secondary market of treasury bonds or government bonds is launched. Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) has announced the start of trial trading from next Monday. This announcement was made by DSE after Bangladesh Governor Abdur Rauf Talukder said Monday at the opening ceremony of the 20th Investor Week that government bond secondary market trading could start experimentally from next week.

However, DSE said the announcement was made after receiving an order from the stock exchange regulator Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission (BSEC) to begin trading government bonds from Monday.

DSE also said the government bond secondary market will embark on a new journey with a total of 251 government bonds with maturities ranging from two to 20 years. Of these, nine are government bonds with a two-year maturity. 18 five-year bonds. 36 10-year bonds. 15-year bonds 92 and 20-year bonds 96.

The 15-year bond named TB15Y1022 will mature next Tuesday (October 11), the day after government bond trading begins. In addition, four more government bonds expire on December 12. Of the other four, two have a 10-year term and two have a 15-year term. An additional 25 bonds with maturities of 2 to 15 years will mature next year. The longest-term bond listed is the TB20Y0642T government bond, which matures on June 29, 2042.

Government bonds have been listed on the stock exchanges since 2005. This bond was not traded on the exchange due to various complications, including transaction costs. These bonds were only traded through primary dealer banks. In the past financial year, two lakh seven thousand 788 crores worth of government bonds were traded in this way.

Market overview: Meanwhile, there is no change in capital or stock trades. The market has been trading as usual for the past few weeks. A few stocks rule the nature of the market. The share price of the much-discussed Orion Infusion rose yesterday to the highest price of 754 rupees. When most stocks in the market are at rock bottom and there is no buyer demand, the picture is completely opposite for this stock. Even in the middle of last June, this stock traded at 80 taka, the price has risen more than nine times in less than four months. Orion Pharma and Beacon Pharma of this business group are also following the same trend.

Shares of 370 companies were traded on the main stock exchange DSE yesterday. Among them, 77 prices rose, 103 prices fell and 190 prices remained unchanged. Despite such a negative trend in the overall stock price, the index was bullish. DSE’s main index DSEX gained 24 points to exceed 6569 points. Pharmaceutical sector Beacon Pharma, Orion Pharma and Orion Infusion contributed the most to this increase in the index. The rise in the share price of these three companies added 24 points to the index yesterday. That is, the combined contribution of the remaining 367 shares traded was zero.

Not only the index, but also the contribution of these companies was the highest. On this day, shares worth about 1 thousand 170 crores traded in DSE. It traded shares of Orion Pharma, Beacon Pharma and Orion Infusion worth approximately Tk 186 crore. Only shares of Orion Pharma were traded worth about 143 crore Tk.

In DSE, 197 shares were traded in circuit breakers yesterday. The combined transaction amount of all these shares was 32 crore 16 lakh taka, which is 3/4 percent of the total transaction.

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