Google Pixel Watch with AMOLED display launched

After much anticipation, Google has revealed details about its upcoming products. They have inquired about all the features of the Pixel 7 series smartphone and Google Pixel Watch.

Google has announced that this Pixel watch can be connected to a smartphone and uses modern and advanced functions. Google Pixel Watch uses an AMOLED display, thick bezels, an Exynos chipset, and a WarOS platform. Let’s take a look at the price and features of the Google Pixel Watch.

Google Pixel viewing price –

Google Pixel Watch with Wi-Fi costs $349, which is about Rs. 28,269 in Indian currency. On the other hand, Google Pixel Watch with LTE variant costs $399 which is about Rs 32,000 in Indian currency. Google Pixel Watch launches in select countries. But the name of India is not on the list of all those countries, that are known.

from the Google Pixel Watch Functions –

The core structure of the Google Pixel Watch is made from 80 percent recycled materials. Samsung and Apple have already started using such materials. Soft touch coating is used on the band of the Google Pixel Watch. Without this band, the Google Pixel Watch weighs just 36 grams. As a result, wearing the Google Pixel Watch all the time is no problem. It is no problem to wear it while sleeping. Google has designed its smartwatch bands for both small and large wrists. That is, the Google Pixel Watch can be worn by obese and thin people.

Google Pixel Watch can be paired with Android phones version 8.0 and above. Google Pixel Watch uses an AMOLED display. The Always on Display feature is used in this watch. Apart from this, Google Pixel Watch uses a density of 320 PPI and a brightness of 1000 nits. Google Pixel Watch uses War OS 3.5 version, Exynos 9110 SoC with 2 GB RAM. Apart from that, it has 32 GB of internal memory. Google’s Pixel Watch uses side buttons and a haptic crown. Most Google apps can be used on the Pixel Watch. This Pixel Watch uses Corning Glass 5 and is 5 ATM water resistant. The Google Pixel Watch has a magnetizing charging unit.

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