Government working to make Bangladesh world leader in fourth industrial revolution: Prime Minister

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said that the government is working to make Bangladesh the world leader in the fourth industrial revolution. He said: “The Fourth Industrial Revolution will bring massive changes to all aspects of production, marketing and development – ​​all over the world. It will play a major role in the international labor market. With all these things in mind, our government has adopted a clear plan for the fourth industrial revolution. We are working towards the goal that Bangladesh can lead the world in the fourth industrial revolution.

Sheikh Hasina said these things in a speech delivered today at a conference titled ‘Journey to Build Smart Bangladesh and Implementing the Delta Plan’ tomorrow (November 4). Expressing her satisfaction that an international conference on the fourth industrial revolution is being held at the initiative of the science and technology sub-committee of the Bangladesh Awami League, the Prime Minister said that she believes the theme of this conference, “ Journey on the road to building a smart Bangladesh and the implementation of the Delta plan’ comes at the right time.

Sheikh Hasina said, The greatest Bengali ever, Father of Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, after our great independence, has implemented various initiatives to create a solid foundation of information and communication technologies in the country, including the initiative to introduce all-important science, technology and technical education. Bangladesh became a member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in 1973. The Father of the Nation established “The Bangladesh Council of Science and Industrial Research (BCSIR) and Satellite Earth Station” in Betbunya for scientific and technological research.

The Prime Minister said: “In 1996, after being given the responsibility to run the state, we took the initiative to expand information and communication technology as indicated by Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib. We do not decide to build high-tech parks in the development of the digital economy. We are able to build a digital Bangladesh based on modern technology within the given timeframe as per the promise of the Day Change Charter-Vision-2021. Meanwhile, Bangladesh has moved from being a least-developed country to a middle-income country. Sheikh Hasina mentioned that 92 high-tech parks, software technology parks, and IT training and incubation centers are being established across the country to utilize the talent and innovative energy of young people in addition to developing the ICT infrastructure and skilled human resources.

He said that after the successful implementation of Digital Bangladesh, our goal is to build a prosperous knowledge-based “Smart Bangladesh” by 2041. The implementation plan of Smart Bangladesh is formulated in such a way as to contribute to achieving the goals of building a better Bangladesh in the “Sustainable Development Goals 2030” and “Vision 2041”.

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