Grameenphone received the Red Hat APAC Innovation Award 2022

Grameenphone was recently honored at the “Red Hat Summit: Connect” hosted by Red Hat, Inc., the world’s leading provider of open-source solutions. The event is part of a series of events organized with approximately 3,000 participants from six regions.

Awards are given out in five categories during the Red Hat APAC Innovation Awards 2022. They are Digital Transformation, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Native Development, Automation, and Resilience. Digital Bangladesh’s connectivity partner, Grameenphone, won the award for the best open public, private or hybrid cloud collaborative deployment. Grameenphone has been recognized by Red Hat Open Source for creating modern and innovative customer experiences to adapt to the changing business landscape.

The Digital Transformation category recognizes organizations that have successfully addressed IT challenges and created business value to compete effectively as digital businesses. On the other hand, the hybrid cloud infrastructure category highlights collaborative public, private or open hybrid cloud deployments. The theme for this year’s event was “Explore the Next”. In line with this theme, Grameenphone has worked with Red Hat’s various solutions (Red Hat OpenStack, OpenShift, and Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform) to further improve efficiency in improving customer service, cost savings and openness. data availability opportunities and accelerating the digital transformation journey.

Upon receiving the award, Grameenphone’s Chief Technology Officer, Joy Prakash, said, “We always prioritize customer feedback and their evolving digital needs and expectations and design solutions to meet and satisfy their expectations. Our motto is to be the most popular telecommunications company in the country by continuously innovating and modernizing services by putting customer needs first. To that end, we were able to transform our digital service provider platforms with Red Hat’s solutions, which helped improve customer service and experience while being efficient and cost-effective by leveraging open source. and hybrid cloud.

Marget Andreysi, senior vice president and general manager of Red Hat APJC, said, “The pace of change in the Asia-Pacific business landscape will accelerate. For this reason, we celebrate the achievements of our customers; Among our customers who have demonstrated their commitment and responsiveness to market and customer trends through the use of open source are recognized. “Our awardees have demonstrated unique capabilities in leveraging innovative technologies such as hybrid cloud, data analytics, and edge computing for business growth and customer satisfaction,” he said. added.

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