his fight with an All Black and why he regretted it

In the Rugby Championship from this year, The Cougars they beat the All blacks in his country; that was the second time in history after the Sydney win in 2020. The celebration took place in Christchurch 25-18 on the third date of the tournament, keeping the national team at the top.

Matera refuses the greeting and pushes Coles. Matera refuses the greeting and pushes Coles.

Due to calendar issues and to save travel expenses and money, the clashes and the home side were repeated the following week, on matchday four. So Los Pumas visited the Kiwis again, this time in Hamilton. The win this time was for the locals, who won 53-3 . defeated, restoring the statue and especially oxygen in his position for the trainer Ian Foster. The test, beyond the superiority of those in black, left an incident that only saw a little light this Wednesday.

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As with football, rugby is also said to say that what happens on the pitch stays there. And that is more than worth it, because if a sport of such physical contact continues, there will be a fight after 80 minutes… Although after this match it became clear that something else had happened. Paul Materawing of Los Pumas, nOr did he just deny the greeting to Dan Coles, substitute whore from New Zealand, but instead pushed him and said something to him when the ranks of the teams joined together in counter-order, so that each of the players shook hands.

Matera was the one who put white on black when he told what happened on the What A Lad podcast, hosted by Justin Marshall, a former All Blacks scrum half, one of the best in history. ANDThe Argentinian admitted he was not proud of his actions to Coles for failing to set a good example for the kids watching the game.

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Matera’s word

“Yes, to be honest I’m not proud of that,” Matera admitted. “Because I know a lot of little kids or young players have seen it and it’s not a good example.”

The All Blacks succeeded in Hamilton. The All Blacks succeeded in Hamilton.

Matera played all 80 minutes and Coles came on for the last ten. ANDDuring that period, it was enough for both players to have clear discussions and even give a few blowswhich is not an attitude that the National Squad attacker usually has.

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Matera explains: “I’m one of those players who says that ‘what happens on the pitch’ stays on the pitch, that’s the way it should always be. “But that day was a little different to be honest.”

The teams come face to face in the haka. The teams come face to face in the haka.

Who came up in Alumni, told: “I think (Coles) came in with about ten minutes left and started bullying me, with every ruck, with every scrum, saying something. To be honest, it hurt me a lot, some things he said strongly, I don’t want to repeat it, but I couldn’t understand why he told me that if they won by 40 points… He just did it, and I didn’t understand why he was in that attitude.”

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The 29-year-old, who will perform in the Honda Heat in Japan. “I know he’s obviously a great player, but I know he’s a great guy too, because some of his teammates spoke to me after the game and they came up to me and said, ‘Oh, he’s a good guy I said, ‘I’m sure. He’s a good guy.’ Type’, but i just couldn’t understand why he kept bullying me”.

Matera celebrates victory in Christchurch. Matera celebrates victory in Christchurch.

Matera spent a season with the New Zealand Crusaders, franchise in which he was the 2022 Super Rugby Pacific champion, playing an important role to the point that he earned the runway as soon as he arrived in Christchurch. Aside from having a positive year for him and the team, things didn’t seem the same for Coles…

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Going back to the incident, Matera said: “(Coles) He said things that I’m sensitive to, like I’m in New Zealand, ‘You don’t belong here.’ And I said to him ‘if you knew how much effort it was for me and my family to get to New Zealand’I wouldn’t say these things.

In the end, Matera acknowledged: “It is, and it will not happen again despite the lack of respect. But I shouldn’t have done it because the game is bigger than any player.”

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