How Technology Helps Protect Mental Health

The thing that afflicts people more than physical problems these days, It’s mental problems. According to the World Health Organization, About 300 million people worldwide are depressed and Affected by it. 260 million more people suffer from anxiety disorders.

After three decades of testing, researchers or scientists have yet to discover such a drug., With which complete relief from mental problems is possible. During this time, therapists or counselors can also completely cure the person suffering from mental problems, No such guarantee can be given. Therefore, the search for an alternative system is ongoing at all times. However, modern technology plays a big role in this..

Thanks to technology, mental problems were discovered overnight, Maybe not. But it’s undeniable, Technology now plays a very effective role in protecting people’s mental health. In this article, we will discuss some of these elements of technology, Using which anyone can start fighting mental issues.

There are apps for everything from PTSD to addiction

Many people claim, There are applications for any subject of daily life. This is even more evident through mental health apps. If you go to Google Play or the App Store, you will find thousands of apps related to mental health. Some apps are specific to mental health, such asNOT worry, Skiyouzophrenia, Depression it’s, etc. Through these applications, various methods can be practiced to identify and eliminate the mentioned problems. There are also applications that improve the user’s memory, give him the mental strength to survive in adverse situations, Improve thinking, etc. These apps also help the user to increase their concentration through meditation. It doesn’t stop there. Even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), There are also apps for mental health issues such as eating disorders or addictions.

Individual video and text therapy

In a third-world country like Bangladesh, psychiatry is always around the corner your sock will be available, It’s ridiculous to expect that. Psychiatry is rare even in urban areasyouThe number of socks is totally insufficient, There is nothing to say about the condition of the poor or the remote villages. To solve this problem, some online mental health service institutions can be established in our country by imitating the outside world., Where licensed therapists work talk on the phone, via Video chat, Or can provide emotional support to the affected person through messages. Some of these services have already been launched in Bangladesh on a limited scale. But there is still immense potential in this regard. Entrepreneurs who want to do something innovative but beneficial to society can think about it if they want.

Identify potential psychological issues with behavior trackers

Current Mental Health Applications, Improve mood through them and reduce anxiety, Some basic exercises can be done to increase concentration. Beyond that, researchers are trying to develop mobile technology, Thanks to which the user will be able to know in advance that he himself or someone close to him is prone to suicide by analyzing the behavioral characteristics with the mobile., worry, the Depressionœthis, If there is the possibility of insanity, etc.

Find medical records of at-risk patients with smart software

Nowadays, some insurance companies in several developed countries, including the United States, use cloud-based software platforms to find electronic medical records of at-risk patients, revise them, and take the necessary measures. To put it simply, The software tries to understand a person’s medical history and recent behavioral characteristics, Whether the person is likely to suffer from a mental illness or abnormality, And if there is, Then they confirm that the person is a professional psychiatristyouAccept Sock service.

Virtual reality

Medication, Treating PTSD with therapy and exercise outside of his, Some are cheeky these days you using a new technique called sock exposure therapy, Whose job is to control an infected patient, in a safe environment, CheekyyouSitting in a sock chamber to help with trauma-related reminiscence. As a result, when the patient recalls a painful memory, Then he didn’t become anxious again, He doesn’t start doing crazy things either.

Depression through Google screening identifies it

A few years ago, Google partnered with the US National Alliance on Mental Illness. Thanks to this, US residents write depression from their mobiles and search, A questionnaire is prepared for them. At the top of the search results Knowledge PanelA box called, Who understands depression information about this means you What is that, why is it, What are the symptoms? Her checkout can be etc. Also, the most important part of this feature is the user’s depression screening. “Check if you are clinically depressed” An option called, Clicking on it will ask you various questions about yourself, And based on the answers to these questions, Google determines that the person is depressed. Do you suffer from it?

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