“I can do something else!” ‘Maharaj’ first opened his mouth after losing the mattress

He lost the seat of the President (BCCI President) in the Indian Cricket Council due to politics. Sourav Gangopadhyay entered Behala’s Biren Roy Road home last Tuesday after returning to the city from Mumbai. On Wednesday he stayed home all day. So ‘Maharaj’ was present at noon on Thursday at a five-star hotel in Kolkata. He is the brand ambassador of Bandhan Bank. “Maharaj” first opened his mouth after losing BCCI’s position. He made it clear that this time he can do something different. Sourav signaled the new innings in his hometown. He said that playing cricket is much more challenging than sitting in a board chair.

Sourav said on this day: ‘In 1996 I will know the day of the ODI match at Old Trafford and I will play the test. Three weeks later, that test was at Lord’s. I do hundreds. After Pankaj Roy, no one has played from Bengal for a long time. I don’t think about the past. live in the future Sachin-Dravid has played over 100 Tests. I also played with them. I scored a century at Lord’s on Saturday. I haven’t forgotten it after all these years. I didn’t look at the scoreboard. First 20 and then 30. This is how I proceed. Bandhan Bank has also progressed in this way. Success in sports does not come overnight. No one, Chandrasekhar Ghosh, can become Narendra Modi overnight. I had a mental connection. I always thought about the next ball and the next run. It’s a method. Those innings give confidence. In sports, you have to start over every day. Someone will be robbed. Someone will succeed. Someone will fail. But you have to trust yourself. I once worked as an administrator. Now I can get out of there and do something else. I became the chairman of CAB and BCCI. But the best 15 years of a player’s life. I knew if I want to stay on the team, I have to run. I believe if I want to live in life I don’t need money like a rich man.’

Sourav wanted to take over the position of chairman of the board but was offered the chairmanship of the IPL board. So he turned down the offer to become chairman of the IPL. Sourav became the president of BCCI in 2019. Saurabh has left his mark on the chair for the past three years. From hosting day-night tests in India to successfully hosting the IPL in the Covid climate. Sourav’s resume covers everything from raising the wages of domestic cricketers to selling IPL media rights for record sums. At Sourav’s request, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman came to the two great responsibilities of Indian cricket. Sourav said in this regard: ‘I worked for five years as an administrator at CAB and three years at BCCI. I’ve learned over the years, some things need to be let go. The challenges of the cricketer are many. The administrator has to contribute a lot. The team needs to do better. I’ve been there a lot as a player. Enjoyed it to the fullest. We have established a brand in the world. Also, have all the great moments as an administrator. One cannot play for life or remain as an administrator. A lot of good things have happened in Indian cricket over the past three years. From IPL in covid conditions. Female cricketers win silver. The Indian team has played well on foreign soil. This Indian team has great vitality.’ Now, wait and see which turns Sourav chooses in the future.

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