‘Immoral’ proposals from actresses, Sajid accused

Bollywood’s controversial director Sajid Khan has appeared in the home of Hindi television’s popular reality show Bigg Boss. Several Bollywood actresses have protested to give Sajid a shot in Bigg Boss 16 after being implicated in the MeToo scandal. It has been quite stormy on social media. There have been long accusations against Sajid that he used to make bad proposals to actresses and models instead of giving them the chance to act in movies.

Director Sajid Khan offered many actresses such as Mandana Karimi, Saloni Chopra and Ahana Kumra to go nude. Even the late actress Zia Khan was spotted by Sajid.

The sister of late actress Zia Khan, Karisma Khan, spoke about that terrible experience in an interview. Sajid asked Zia to take off her underwear while she read the script. Sajid even falsely accused Karisma that Karisma had suggested having sex with Sajid!

Zia’s sister Karisma said of Sajid Khan: ‘The rehearsal of the film was going on at the time. Didi was reading the script. At that moment, Sajid suddenly asked to take off his underwear. Didi didn’t understand. He always cried when he came home and said that the shooting of the film hasn’t started yet, so many things are happening for him!’

In the end, Zia was forced to work in Sajid Khan’s films. After signing a contract with the cinema, there was nothing for it but to go to work. Otherwise, the famous actress Zia Khan of ‘Ghajni’ would have been involved in legal complications. This incident happened to Zia Khan during the filming of the BBC documentary ‘Death in Bollywood’.

There have been several complaints against the director in the past. Sajid’s co-director Saloni Chopra claimed that the filmmaker made her a bad offer. Popular actress Rachel White also endorsed Saloni. She claimed that Sajid Khan asked her to undress. In return, he offered to work in the movie ‘Hamsakal’.

Simran Suri claimed that Sajid Khan offered her a role in ‘Himatwala’. Sajid asked him to be naked in return. He even tried to undress him.

Writer Karishma Upadhyay also filed a complaint against Sajid. He claimed that Sajid Khan showed him his genitals during the interview. Karisma is also accused of forced kissing. Sajid offered Iranian daughter Mandana Karimi the film ‘Hamsakal’. Instead, the director asked him to be naked.

Since the beginning of the Me’Too movement in Bollywood, one complaint after another has been filed against this director. The director, of course, began to lose work by putting a stain on the transparent image. He was even banned by the Indian Film and Directors Association. The controversial Sajid Khan finally entered Bigg Boss’ house after being in hiding for a long time.

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