In the crisis, the demand for energy-saving products increases

International Infrastructure Exhibition “7th Safcon 2022” was held in Bangladesh featuring safe and sustainable infrastructure construction techniques, construction materials and new technologies. The three-day exhibition at the Bashundhara International Convention Center (ICCB) in the capital started on Thursday and ended on Saturday. The exhibition was organized by Savor International Limited.

It was found that AC energy saving products, pumps and various electronic products used in factories had a great response from visitors. There was also a response to renewable energy products. Domestic and foreign institutions related to safe and sustainable infrastructure construction techniques, building materials and new technologies, power generation, renewable energy, safe HVACR and water management participated at this major international exhibition in the country.

The exhibition had more than 120 booths from 14 countries. The exhibit was open to visitors from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. On the last day of the exhibition yesterday, it was seen that there was an overflowing crowd of visitors. Crowds were seen at every local and overseas booth.

E-Cool International Limited stalled with German brand cooling ventilation (fan). Atiqur Rahman, the company’s marketing manager, told Kal Kantha, “We are getting a good response to the exhibition. We brought the latest ventilation technology to the show. Those who are new to the factory and those who have a factory visit our booth. Many people prefer to book. Many people also take our showroom address. Because our cooling vents are German brand, everyone trusts this brand. ‘

India’s Solace Renewable Energy Pvt Ltd has stalled with solar energy. The company demonstrated a solar installation on water at its stand. Samrat Laha, director of Solace Renewable Energy, told Kal Kantha: “People from different companies come to the booth and watch. I met different people and accumulated many experiences. Solar water has not yet been implemented in Bangladesh.

It is possible to produce up to 5 to 7% more electricity if solar energy is installed on water than on land. Durability is the same on land and water. Water and fish are not damaged. It is the technology of the future. We hope that through this exhibition, the solar water initiative will start in Bangladesh. ‘

Leo Pump Bangladesh Limited is stalling with Chinese brand energy saving and solar powered pumps. Company director Mohammad Saiful Islam told Kal Kantha, “We have brought new energy-saving pumps to our exhibition. All types of AC and DC pumps, including solar pumps, are available at our stand. ‘

National brand Walton displayed various models of energy-saving air conditioners at its booth for use in various locations, including home and corporate offices, conference rooms, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. . Aminul Islam, Senior Additional Director of the company, spoke at the booth. He said: “From the first day of the show, there was a huge crowd of buyers and visitors at the Walton stand. Because we brought our new products into this exhibition. So I got a huge response. ‘

ACI Motors has set up stands with small and large generators for use in various locations including homes, hospitals, industries and corporate offices. The company’s senior service engineer. Imrul Hasan said, “Due to ongoing load shedding, buyers are flocking to generate electricity from day one. Many people also book. Due to the discount of 20-30,000 rupees on the occasion of the fair, buyers also buy. Yesterday at noon, six generators were sold for cash. ‘

Farmer Feroz Ali came to the ACI Motors stand from Uttara in the capital yesterday to see generators for homes. He told Kal Kantha, “Due to frequent load shedding, the generators have to run regularly. As the previous generator is old, it consumes more oil. So I chose a new generator. Will buy soon. ‘

The organizer of the exhibition is the managing director of Savor International Limited. Faizul Alam said, “There are 120 booths from 14 countries in this exhibition. Many visitors have come over the past three days. I am very happy to see the presence of visitors.”

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