Jai Shah’s statement is disappointing and one-sided!

The return of BCCI Secretary Jay Shah was announced Tuesday evening from the neighboring country. Shahid Afridi detonated the bomb on Wednesday morning. And now Ramiz Raja’s PCB has made a firm statement that Pakistan will not come to India to play Asian Cup 2023 next year. The Pakistan Cricket Board conveyed this message to the Indian Cricket Board by tweeting. The Asian Cricket Council is also mentioned in this statement. There, Jai Shah’s speech was called disappointing and one-sided by the rival country.

The statement written by PCB reads: “The Chairman of the Asian Cricket Council, Jai Shah, issued a statement on Tuesday. There he said that next year the Asian Cup will be held at the venue. His statement surprised us. At the same time, Jai Shah’s comments are very disappointing. He did not speak with the Asian Cricket Council and the PCB before presenting his statement to reporters. Such a statement could create big problems in the future. We have to remember that.

The statement continued: “The Asian Cup to be held in Pakistan in 2023 had already been decided during the Asian Cricket Council discussion. President Jai Shah was present during this discussion. And he also gave the seal. So why is the Asian Cup removed from our country? It is a totally unilateral decision.

The cricket bosses of the two arch-rival countries are on the rise. Jai Shah has announced that he will not be playing in the Asian Cup in Pakistan in 2023. PCB responded to his comments. At the same time, “Boom Boom Afridi” entered into this debate.

If Pakistan doesn’t play the Asian Cup on the ground, Babar Azam’s side won’t enter India to play the World Cup at 50 next year. The Pakistan Board has already made such a threat in a statement. It is still written there: “The Asian Cricket Council was formed in 1983 for the development of cricket in Asia. The point of this advice should follow the spirit of cricket. It is better to comply with it, otherwise, Pakistan will not set foot on Indian soil to compete in the World Cup at 50 next year. Even India has several ICC events from 2024 to 2031. There is also uncertainty about participation in these events.

And at the end of this message, it is written: “So far, no official statement has been received from the ACC on this matter after the comments of the Chairman of the Asian Cricket Council. Therefore, the request of the PCB to the Asian Cricket Council is to hold a discussion very soon. Because the question is very important and sensitive.

Speaking to reporters after the annual general meeting on Tuesday, Jai Shah, who started his second run as secretary of the board, said: “Next year’s Asian Cup could be held in a neutral country. Because the Indian team will not go to Pakistan. Shahid then shot him and wrote on Twitter: “What a wonderful camaraderie has been seen between the two teams over the past year. It seems that all is well between the cricketers. So why did the BCCI secretary say such things before an important game like the T20 World Cup? This shows how inexperienced the Indian cricket administration is.

ICC T20 World Cup 2022 October 23 ‘Mother of all battles. Before that, BCCI and PCB got involved in huge issues off the pitch. The 50+ World Cup will be held in India next year. Keeping this in mind, the Asian Cricket Council is planning to play the Asian Cup in a one-day format. BCCI thought of sending the Indian team to the rival country at the other end of the Wagah to do it properly on the soil of their own country i.e. Pakistan come and play the World Cup. But to make such a big decision, you needed permission from the center. However, we hear that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is adamant about going to Pakistan. The leaders of the board of directors have therefore also accepted it. On Tuesday, BCCI informed that India will not play the Asian Cup in Pakistan. And since then, a new debate has begun.

The bilateral series between the two neighboring countries has been suspended since 2012 due to border terrorism and political tensions. India last visited Pakistan to play in the Asian Cup in 2008. Previously, Rahul Dravid’s side toured Pakistan in the 2005-06 season. The Indian team played Tests and ODI series under his guidance. After that, India did not go to Pakistan despite the bilateral series. The last time the Pakistani team set foot on Indian soil was in the 2012-13 season. After 2012, the bilateral series was also stopped between the two countries for political reasons. The two countries compete in competitions like World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, and Asian Cup.

However, the ICC Test Championship has yet to see a bat-ball battle between the two countries. The “mother of all battles” at the T20 World Cup on October 23 at 22 yards in Melbourne. The cricketing world is waiting to see the Mohammad Rizwan-Suryakumar Yadav duel. Earlier, BCCI said it was not possible to enter Pakistan. And now the debate rages on. Afridi openly tweeted against Jai Shah. And now the PCB has made a strong statement on Twitter.

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