José Leôncio will die in Pantanal – see script and exclusive footage of the scene

The news is not good, folks. In the last chapter of wetland, Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira) will die in the living room of his house, right after seeing the image of his father in the painting of the old man from the river (Osmar Prado). The moment follows the same logic as the first version, from 1990. The show was at Globo Studios and followed the recording of the sad moment.

Jose Leoncio (Marcos Palmeira) will walk with chest pain — Photo: Roberto Teixeira/show

Zé Leôncio will walk through the house, with a lot of pain in his chest. Until the pain hits you hard when you look at the painting by Velho do Rio.

“Let Joventino wake up… I’ll ask him to take me there to São Paulo… So that I can finish those exams… I was already there… It wouldn’t hurt to do the rest”, he will say. .

He will insist that the image eventually reveals itself:

“Oh, Dad…I’ve always wanted you this way and I don’t even see you in a portrait?”

Here comes the moment. Let’s see what our remake author Bruno Luperi describes in the script for this finale.

Shortly afterward, Zé Leôncio will sit on the sofa with the painting in hand and will die. As soon as it dawns, indeed, phylum (Dira Paes) will be the first to see him, and screaming she will despair of seeing her dead husband. The whole house runs down the stairs to say goodbye.

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