Kidnapping trading on the hill border of Patiya

The kidnapping of mountain terrorists takes place with weapons exercises in Patiya in Chittagong. People in the hilly areas of the Upazila are currently afraid of them. Allegations have been found that starting with day laborers, people of different classes are taken to the mountains and later extorted money via mobile phones. Local day laborers and kathurias said armed terrorists practice almost every day in various hills of Boalkhali and Chandnaish Upazilas, except Kelishahar, Haidgaon, Kachuai, Shrimai Pahar of the Upazila.

The people who work as day laborers in the orchards and lemon groves in the mountains are being extorted. Last year East Hydgaon Mahadabad area. A young man named Arifullah was beaten up by armed mountain terrorists. Earlier, East Hydgaon Alam Master’s Atita Agro Project was in danger of being burned.

According to police and local sources, the movement of these terrorists from the dense forests of Patia, Boalkhali, Rangunia, Dohazari, and Chandanish has increased in recent years.

Last Thursday (October 6) morning, Anu Mia went to the Dakshin Srimai Pahari area of ​​Katchuai Union or Patia Upazila to farm as usual. At that time, Anu Mia was killed by a group of mountain terrorists. Of the two bullets, one hit the deceased Anu Mia behind her waist and the other hit her on her left thigh. The late farmer Anu Mia is the son of the late Kala Mia of Fakir Para in Kharna Union.

Farmer Anu Mia’s younger brother, who was killed in the incident, filed a murder case at Patia Police Station on Thursday midnight, accusing some unknown individuals as the plaintiff.

It is reported that on February 21, 2020, mini truck driver Moslem Uddin was kidnapped by 10-12 tribal terrorists on the part of the East Hydgaon Alam Master project and taken to the hills at gunpoint. At the time, the kidnappers demanded three lakh rupees as a ransom. Abu Taher, the abductee’s older brother, filed a case at Patia Police Station as a plaintiff. Later, the investigation of this case was transferred to the PBI. Muslim is a resident of Chandanish Upazila village in West Allahabad. Even in the past two years, the police could not save him. However, about a year and a half after the incident, PBI arrested Parimal Tanchangya and Paritosh Tanchangya from Chandnaish’s laundry on suspicion of involvement in the incident.

The PBI claimed that the two accused confessed to the murder of the driver Muslim and the disappearance of his body. Then, on July 31 last year, the PBI, along with the two suspects, conducted an operation in the Kalamar area of ​​Durgam Pahar, Haidgaon, east of Patiya. However, after about five hours of searching, nobody was found there.

Before that, the area of ​​South Srimati said. A man named Shafi (44) was also kidnapped and taken to the barren hills. He was later released after paying a ransom of 50,000 takas.

Tribal terrorists have been reported to enter the hills of Patiya through Rangunia, the border with Bandarban. These armed terrorists trap people and extort money through mobile phones. If someone does not pay, he is beaten. Terrorists extort money from every lemon orchard owner who has planted lemon groves in the hills.

32 orchard owners and lemon growers were kidnapped from the mountain lemon garden on the Patia-Boalkhali border. Ransoms were collected from 11 of them.

On April 12, terrorists kidnapped 12 people from the hills of the Moulvi Bazar area of ​​Kelishahar Union or Patia Upazila and released them after making ransom demands. After that, a joint operation was carried out by RAB, police and the army of the Dolupara camp of Bandarban on the border.

The incident is known to have taken place on April 29 in the Chaldachari area of ​​the Karladenga Hills on the Patia-Boalkhali border. After collecting the ransom, the terrorists released them. All abductees are residents of Boalkhali and Patia.

Sarwar Alam, the owner of that lemon garden, said that they are going to work in the lemon garden of Kardalenga hill every day. Around noon, an organized terrorist group of 15-20 people took 30-35 lemon growers and orchard owners, hostage. At that time, the terrorists took them to the hill and beat them. Later, 21 workers were released by the terrorists and the remaining 11 plantation owners were detained. Among the 11, Shahid and Asif were released and informed the families of the prisoners for ransom. When they came and informed the family, the family arranged ransoms and released the hostages. The other 9 were released on bail. However, the amount paid as ransom is unknown.

Bagan Malik son of Patia Kelishahar Ahmed Hossain. Jahed was held for a ransom of 5 lakh rupees. Later, he was also released with the ransom.

Three armed groups are known to have been active for a long time to control the hills of Patia, Boalkhali, Chandanish and Rangunia. They continuously extort huge sums of money by taking hostages from mountain plantation owners and workers going to work. These include two Chakma groups and another terrorist group made up of several terrorists. They wear olive-colored clothes and wait.


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