Life is a mixture of reality and fantasy

Jim Hendrikx is an American legendary guitarist. Jasim Uddin Akash has taken inspiration from several interviews with this legendary guitarist You can listen to all kinds of music, but you can’t play everything on guitar. If you pick up the guitar and start playing with the intention of doing so, you are literally ruining the whole thing. I don’t play guitar well enough to pick up on all kinds of music. So don’t try that. Yes, I wish I knew how to write instrument melodies!

I like to jam for hours in a small place like a club. Then there is a kind of feeling. Then I can focus on a different kind of music. Then there is another feeling. Only then can I say a kind of music. And with that, I want to reach the people, not the spotlights.

More than a dream

What I get from the audience is beyond my wildest dreams. It’s such an achievement, no one gets more than that. So a new door opened for me. Although I don’t forget the audience; I don’t care about their madness or excessive exuberance. Resulting in: ‘Oh God, I’m on stage now, what should I do now such arrogance does not grow in me. Instead, I turn the other way. I start playing new music again.

Tent on the hilltop

I don’t have enough money to live comfortably. I do not want that. Because wake up in the morning, snuggle in bed, then go to the indoor pool, have a little swim and sit at the breakfast table, take a deep breath, have a glass of orange juice or something like that, then get up from the chair and go to the pool, go to the bathroom. Shaving – that’s enough for me. And luxury? If I can ever climb a mountain and set up a tent, I’ll be happy!

And my style? Style is different for everyone. But when someone introduces a new style, it makes sense for everyone to talk about it. My flighty attitude, my freaky haircut – I did it because I like to make a lot of noise. It’s in my nature to want to change something. That doesn’t mean I did it to show people. I’d rather people listen to my music without seeing me.

The stage is my home

I don’t want anyone to follow me. Once I stood on stage and announced that one night I would burn or break the guitar to play. But so be it, said the audience. I said, do you really want that? They said of course. I replied: the day I will be very angry I will feel that I have played enough, now I must give up, I will certainly commit such a crime that day. I know this is the motivation for destruction. But I say, everyone wants to have a space to breathe. And in my case, the stage is the house!

A mixture of reality and fantasy

When I pick up a new chord on the guitar, I usually create that chord in a combination of reality and imagination. People resort to imagination to reveal another side of reality. On the one hand, there is no such thing as reality. But every individual has his own way of thinking. And that gets a big shape through institutionalism. In my case, I make the chords I like. In this case, my mind remains completely open. And when I get on stage to play, I become completely united with it. I don’t care who’s in front and what they want. I play guitar the way I want – that’s my nature. I hate being stuck in something, just being a guitarist or a songwriter or a music tap dancer. I believe that if you find a new idea, a new invention or a new gas or something new, you should take care of it and not begrudge the old. You have to be hungry to be different from others. There is no alternative.

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