Maha Yajna songs on the banks of the Padma bridge entertainment

A magnificent stage has been set up in the Sheikh Russell cantonment estate at the western end of the Padma Bridge. A restroom has been set up for the artists at the back. In each chair of the small room are the best artists of the musical world of this country. There is Sabina Yasmin, Rezwana Chowdhury Banya, Ferdous Ara, Mumtaz, Samina Chowdhury, Fahmida Nabi, Kumar Bishjit, Naqeeb Khan, Habib Waheed, Sinthi Saha, Saira Reza, Sumna Haque, Imran, Kana, Nusrat Faria, Vidya Sinha, and many others Some popular stars. Everyone is chatting, laughing, and busy. Suddenly, an artist sang on stage. The sound is faintly heard. The artists follow one another. But the artist Fahmida Nabi could not avoid this song. He said, who sings on stage? Very beautiful singer! He would have thought that a new generation artist was singing while applauding him. Another artist on the side said, Runa Laila Madam sings! Hearing that, Fahmida can’t understand the expression on Nabi’s face, who else will sing like that except Runa Layla? Another legendary artist Sabina Yasmeen also captured the hearts of the audience by singing her own tunes.

Last Tuesday, the biggest event on South Asian music, the “Channel Eye Music Award”, was held in the Padma River Open Space. Many such lively events took place during this star-studded event. As if there were a big music festival. You can’t even guess if you don’t see it directly!

Musician Rezwana Chowdhury Banya received a lifetime award at this year’s event. Army Chief of Staff SM Shafiuddin Ahmed presented a certificate to this distinguished artist, Faridur Reza Sagar, Managing Director of Channel Eye, presented a cash value check, Shaikh Siraj, Director and Chief of Message of Channel Eye, and Chairman of the Oikya Foundation, Shaheen Akhtar Reni, donated a turban.

Impress Telefilm Limited Channel I Director Abdur Rashid Majumder, Zahiruddin Mahmud Mamun, Mukit Majumder Babu, Lily Islam, Chandana Majumder, Abida Sultana, Samina Chowdhury, Manam Ahmed, Riaz Ahmed, Anima Roy, etc. presented the prizes to other winners.

Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmeen, Rezwana Chowdhury Banya, Mohammad Khurshid Alam, Abida Sultana, Naqeeb Khan, Kumar Bishjit, Samina Chowdhury, Fahmida Nabi, Mumtaz, Manam Ahmed, Shama Rahman, Shubhra Dev, Linu Billah, Shafi performed music during of the event. Maal, Anima Roy, Habib Waheed, Sinthi Saha, Konal, Imran, Jhelik, Saira Reza, Kishore, Rashed, Nishita Bara, Drawing, Khairul Wasi, Atiya Anisa, Sumna, Tariq Mridha, Trisha, Moumita, Raini, Labiba, Sinthi, Poorni, Sujan Arif, Vijay Mamun, Mejbah Bappi, Mac Apple and many more. Nusrat Faria, Siam, Dighi, Sabila Noor, Sumi, Adar Azad, Tina Russell, Pushpita, Rama, Payal Tripura, and Ishika participated in various performances. The choreography was by the Eagle Dance Group. The program was presented by Apu Mahfuz and Konal. Ijaz Khan Swapan was the project manager for Oikya-Channel I Music Awards. The show will air on October 28 on Channel A.

Winners in a nutshell

Modern Song – Best Artist: Fahmida Nabi.

Modern Song – Best Composer: Kishore.

Modern Song – Best Lyricist: Asif Iqbal. Best group: Renaissance.

Best sound engineer: Amjad Hossain Bappi. Best Duo Artist: Habib Wahid

And Sinthi Saha. Best Folk Fusion Artist: Sabbir Nasir. Best Folk Musician (Palligiti

and Marmi): Baul Sukumar.

Film Song – Best Artist: Imran Mahmudul.

Film Song – Best Composer: Emon Chowdhury.

Film Song – Best Lyricist: Mir Sabbir.

Best music video: Piplu and Khan.

Best Nazrul Sangeet Artist: Priyanka Gop.

Special prize selected by the committee in the category of musicians linked to Nazrul: Sadia Afrin Mallik.

Best Rabindra Sangeet: Shama Rahman.

Best New Artist: Nuzhat Sabiha and Pushpita.

Best instrumentalist (Ucchanga): Ruba, Tungtang, Ashiq (visually impaired).

Topic Song Best Artist: Jhelik.

Best Theme Song Composer: Shafiq Tuhin.

Topical Song Best Lyricist: Zulfikar Russell.

The best songs from the last four decades of movies

Lyricist: Kabir Bakul,

Composer: Kaushik Hossain Tapas,

Artist: Chandan Sinha and Shafiq Tuhin for a special contribution.

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