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The writing can start with this remarkable discussion. The discussion of the individuals of the Haor area is in truth the battle of all courses of individuals, this discussion highlights the truth that every person is dealing with for rice. The distinction is that the Haor fumbling version is totally various from the others. They need to endure by dealing with versus the extreme atmosphere. The fact of the battle permanently of the residents of the Haor area in Sunamganj was mounted by supervisor Mohammad Qayyum.Fly in the air‘ in the motion picture. The production of the movie is so all-natural that whatever takes place before your eyes. The movie is the outcome of 3 years of sensible experience at the supervisor’s residence. He made the effort to capture the modification of period as well as did well.

Generally seen in river-centric movies, the movie is called after the river. By the name it is understandable where city the tale is informed, however in this movie the name is maintained in a various means. ‘Traveling in deep space of Kura Pakhir’ illustrates the battle of human beings with the survival of birds in the wild. It is an extensive viewpoint.

The little lady kid musician that starred in the movie presented ‘Kura Pakshi’. He opts for his friends to see the birds. He states it suggests feeding the bird. When the brand-new water comes, they congregate, consume bugs in the rice areas as well as lay eggs.

An instance of the fact of the Haor area is offered by Ashitipar, the personality’s old star. He additionally saw that there was no ground to hide individuals, where the eye can see the vacant water as well as after the water he had no selection however to drift the body. What a temporal!

Amongst the discussions of the movie, both lengthy discussions of the cool old male were the most effective-

1. ‘The individuals of this globe construct wonderful structures as well as construct this as well as that, as well as the proprietor has a big dimension while a tiny ant additionally has a share in this globe, that will provide the share of his? The proprietor is clothed!

2. That is the umbrella in the paddy area? The paddy ripens with the sunlight in the month of Chait. If rice can stand the sunlight, can not you?

The water itself is a personality in this movie. The phone call constantly makes its visibility recognized. Whether on a watercraft, standing, near a home or on a drifting duck running near water all over. Scenes of post-disaster life fight with birdsong, remote hills, thick rows of trees, the prep work as well as seeding of baby rooms, the arrival of brand-new rice, the altering of periods, weaving brand-new internet by the crawlers are all brilliant.

Bosom friend

I shout your name,

phoned call to paradise

Paradise is a close friend at night

I take your name Kandi.

Hemang Biswas renowned use this people tune is revealed heartwarmingly in the movie. Along with Haor’s charm, the tune additionally has a music charm.

Social visualization additionally comes well in the movie. The wedding event dancings as well as local tracks on the ships wandering in Hawar, the tale of Nizam Dakat to place his child to rest, the old male vocal singing people tracks are wonderful. Those that have not paid attention to wedding event tracks for a long period of time will certainly enjoy this scene from the motion picture. One more sight is the organization of societies with faiths. The motion picture scene, the means we fled as children when the dark clouds enlarged in the eastern edge, would certainly additionally look like youth society.

Ujjal Kabir Himu as well as Jayita Mahalanvish played both lead functions in the movie. Jayita Mahalanwish is a popular face in the cinema globe, her efficiency is constantly all-natural, while Ujjal Kabir Himu’s efficiency deserves keeping in mind. The young musician’s all-natural play as well as smile are attractive. The Old Male’s efficiency is specifically remarkable for its thoughtful discussions. There is a variant in the tale in between the initial fifty percent as well as the 2nd fifty percent of the movie. On one side the river has actually come to be a network as well as beyond the sea water of Haore is incomplete on one side as well as complete on the various other. It was a remarkable watching of the movie. The identical unity of happiness as well as discomfort is additionally existing in the movie.

A scene from the movie stands out. In the evening, an individual oversleeps a watercraft drifting in the superficial waters of Haor. At any moment, the individual can be brushed up away in the water. Also from such a scene, one can comprehend just how much individuals of Haor stay in difficulty! It’s the most effective motion picture of 2022 until now in regards to manufacturing high quality.

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