“My God, what a great fear”

In the early hours of this Saturday, October 8, 2022, a traffic accident was registered on the road leading from Barranquilla to Medellín. There, a vehicle overturned, in circumstances under investigation, leaving as a preliminary balance the death of Alfredo Curvelo, brother of Vallenato’s new promise Natalia Curvelo. She herself reported the events through her social networks.

“My boys just had an accident, I ask them to order a lot because everyone is doing well. My God, what a great fear. That is a terrible fear I have; all the boys are fine except my brother”, said the valenata interpreter in a broken voice in a broadcast she made live via Instagram. In the images, the singer says she is standing next to the sinister and reports that her brother and other colleagues are there.

In this video you can see Natalia Curvelo reporting the incident:

Until now, it turned out, the musical group lost a lot of time due to traffic jams and tried to pick up the pace to reach Medellín. A possible speeding violation by the driver who mobilized the group is therefore not excluded. The singer Natalia Curvelo was not with them at the time of the events in the vehicle, she moved separately, but the rest of the group, to which she also belonged, was. his brother Alfredo and whose death has already been confirmed.

These images show Alfredo Curvelo, Natalia Curvelo’s brother:

Elder Dayan, a Vallenato singer, reported two losses, although one was officially reported.. “It is sad to hear some bad news on stage… It has hurt my soul about the bus accident of my colleague Natalia Curvelo and the loss of its two members; God protect the wounded and keep them well!”

In the Vallenato genre, the tragedy of artists’ deaths from claims is a constant. On August 13 of this year, Vallenata music artist Iván José Mindiola was involved in a serious traffic accident when he got into a vehicle between the municipalities of Tunja and Paipa (Boyacá), in an area known as El Manzano, alongside other members of his music group.

According to official reports, the 25-year-old singer had the municipality of Floresta, Boyacá, as the destination of his tour and started his journey from the city of Bogotá. Similarly, the vehicle in which the artist was traveling was completely destroyed and overturned on the side of the road. The Vallenato singer was taken to Duitama Regional Hospital along with two members of his work team. However, the singer died of multiple injuries from the accident. In this way, The 25-year-old joins the long list of Vallenato artists who have died on Colombia’s roads.

For example, in 1995 the Cartagena artist Patricia Teherán, considered one of the great figures of this music genre, died after a fatal accident on the Cartagena-Barranquilla highway. Likewise, Jesús Manuel Estrada, a member of the Los Diablitos group, died in 2003 at the age of 39, after the accident that took place on the highways of the departments of Cesar and Santander.

However, one of the accidents that caused the most commotion among Colombians was that of August 24, 2005, between the Cartagena-Valledupar road, which caused the death of Kaleth Morales at the age of 22. “We had talked about what we wanted from the new CD, about the presentations of the artists who were with him that day. We talked about how excited he was, how eager he was to go to Valledupar to see his people. Unfortunately, he didn’t come home.” Keyner himself, the late artist’s brother, said in an interview with SEMANA.

Photo of Vallenato Singer Natalia Curvelo:

On April 14, 2017, Diomedes Díaz’s son, Martín Elías, died after a traffic accident on his way to Coveñas, Valledupar, with the aim of giving a presentation. On the other hand, on August 8, it was learned that Israel’s mother Romero, As an accordionist and one of the founders of the music group Binomio de Oro, he died in a tragic traffic accident.

The accident happened on the road located in the Canadian village, municipality of Manaure (Cesar). The truck in which Old Nuñe, as Romero’s mother was known, traveled, apparently and according to witness statements, He had a brake problem, could not stop, lost control of the wheel and fell into the ravine.

Natalia Curvelo on board:

Several people tried to get closer to help the injured, including Omaira María “Maya” Romero Ospino, the accordionist’s sister; Jaime Maestre Socarrás, brother of Vallenato King Pangue Maestre, and two other people, authorities said.

Likewise, Daniel Castro, one of the new Vallenateros, suffered a serious traffic accident on the road between San Juan del Cesar and Valledupar, in the department of Cesar. The investigation caused the musician’s representative to die in the accident, who was driving the truck. It was also reported that several people had been injured. The artist was taken to a medical center in Valledupar with several injuries to the skull, chest and upper extremities. In addition, he sustained cuts all over his body, but survived despite the serious injuries.

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