Neymar jailed for corruption and Brazil under pressure for World Cup

Everything went well. But before heading to Qatar for the World Cup (FIFA Qatar World Cup 2022), Neymar is in extreme trouble. and Brazil. Because DIS, an investment company in Brazil, is raising allegations of corruption (fraud and corruption charges) against the star. In 2013, Santos (Santos) goes to Barcelona (Baercelona), the agreement that has been made is not transparent! Even the transfer fee has been manipulated, the investment company makes such explosive accusations.

The PSG star will appear in Spanish court on Monday about the matter. If found guilty, the football star could face a jail term of at least 2 years and a fine of Rs 1,000 crore. DIS claims to own 40 percent of Neymar’s image rights. In 2009, when 17-year-old Neymar was a rising star of Santos, they bought the rights from Neymar for 2 million euros. But current Paris St Germain star Neymar denied it so they dropped the case. In this case, the company is demanding a prison sentence of 5 years and a fine of Tk 144 crore for the culprits, including Neymar.

Neymar is not the only defendant in the tax fraud case. Neymar’s parents, former Barcelona presidents Sandro Rosell and Jose Maria Bartemeu, and then-Barcelona and Santos coaches are also involved in the Brazilian’s signing.

DIS lawyer Paolo Nasser told media that Neymar has not been sold to the club that demanded the highest price. There were clubs that wanted to buy him for a higher price.

However, Neymar’s lawyer denied such claims. Attorney Baker McKenzie is fighting the case on behalf of the Brazilian star and his family. He claimed: ‘Sell to the club willing to pay the highest price, this rule does not apply to the transfer of football teams. Because here too the will and reluctance of the footballer plays a role. Because a footballer is not a product. He is an individual, free of his own will.’

The hearing of this case will start on October 17 in Barcelona. Neymar must attend the first day of the trial. This case can take up to two weeks to process. And so, a month before the World Cup, he has to drop the thought of playing and run to court.

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