No Tension Between Trade and Agriculture Ministries: Agriculture Minister

The Secretary General of the Jatiya Party, Md Mujibul Haque Chunnu MP, said some people use the name Jatiya Party in the middle of a council. In fact, the National Party has nothing to do with that council. He said these things to the media after the joint meeting of Jatiya Party presidency members and MPs on Saturday (October 8).

He said we are not taking into account the council announced by Roshan Ershad. There is no council of the Jatiya Party, it is not time for Jatiya Party Council yet. Today’s meeting was attended by 38 of the 41 members of the Presidium and 20 of the 26 MPs. Those who could not come, some of them are abroad or sick. In fact, everyone is united under the leadership of Jatiya party chairman GM Quader.

In response to a question, Jatiya party chairman GM Quader is now the leader of the opposition. The decision of the parliamentary party of Jatiya Party is final. Jatiya Party MPs will go to parliament led by GM Quader, the leaders present at the presidency meeting unanimously approved that decision.

He said: Begum Roshan Ershad is the main patron of the Jatiya party, a decorative function. Begum Roshan Ershad has no authority to convene the council. Begum Roshan Ershad has no party or administrative responsibility. Begum Roshan Ershad is not allowed to use the opposition leader’s flag on morality. Because members of the parliamentary party GM Quader elected leader of the opposition. And Mosiur Rahman Ranga himself has announced that he will not form the Jatiya party under the leadership of GM Quader. So there is no question that he is the whip of the opposition.

He said the Jatiya party has not been in an alliance since the 2018 elections. Jatiya Party speaks for the people with its own politics, some people think that Jatiya Party joins BNP. In fact, the National Party continues with its own politics. Jatiya Party is not in an alliance. Not Awami League-BNP, Jatiya Party is with the people of the country. The current government is failing in running the country. There is only 2 hours of electricity in 24 hours. It is not certain when the electricity will come back. People are not safe on the road. People don’t get transportation services even with money. The government has completely failed to provide a proper transportation system.

Chairman of Jatiya Pati GM Quader MP chaired the joint meeting of Presidium Members and MPs, Senior Co-Chairman of Jatiya Party Barrister Anisul Islam Mahmud MP, General Secretary Md Mujibul Haque Chunnu MP, Co-Chairman ABM Ruhul Amin Howladar, Kazi Firoz Rashid MP Syed Abu Hossain Babla MP, Lawyer Salma Islam MP, Presidium Member Md Abul Kashem, Hafiz Uddin Ahmed, Golam Kibria Tipu MP, Lawyer Sheikh Muhammad Sirajul Islam, Fakhrul Imam MP, Syed Mohammad Abdul Mannan, Mir Abdus Sabur Asud, Mahmudul Islam Chowdhury, Haji Saifuddin Ahmed Milon, ATU Taj Rahman, Solaiman Alam Seth, Nasreen Jahan Ratna MP, Barrister Shamim Haider Patwari MP, Lt. J. Masud Uddin Chowdhury, Attorney Md. Rezaul Islam Bhuiyan, Md. Mizanur Rahman, Nazma Akhtar MP, Alamgir Sikder Lawton, Emiaran Hossain Majoor (Retd.) Rana Mohammad Sohail MP, Liaquat Hossain Khoka MP, Md. Zahirul Islam Zahir, Mostafa Al Mahmud, Mohammad Atiqur Rahman Atiq, Zariul Alam Rubel, MPs were present, Adviser to the Chairman Roshan Ara Mannan, Sherifa Quader, Shari Islam Jinnah, Nurul Islam Talukdar, Panir Uddin Ahmed, Party Vice Chairman Ahsan Adelur Rahman.

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