Oppo unveils F21S Pro with great S#75 color and micro lens

Oppo has unveiled its new and trendy version Oppo F21s Pro with the first stage presentation of Bachelor Point. S#75’s aesthetic color combination and style pack add a new dimension to Bachelor Point’s acting fashion during stage performances. The Bachelor Point team showed the fun features and fashionable style packs of the pre-ordered Oppo F21S Pro, a device that will enrich the lifestyle of its users. Interested buyers can now pick up their device via pre-order. The pre-order of the device with a market price of 29,900 Tk started on October 5 and will continue until October 9.

The unveiling had a beautiful display of colors to give everyone an idea of ​​how color diversity can play a role in improving the lifestyle of smartphone users. Oppo F21S Pro exudes a unique elegance in the hands of single actors, while also adding a new dimension to their style. The new and eye-catching S#75 suit was chosen by world-renowned cricket all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan. The aesthetic style pack with OPPO F21S Pro makes smartphone users look more attractive and diversify the style of the youth.

The new Oppo F21S Pro has all the interesting features; For example: Oppo Glow technology, aesthetic color combination S#75, anti-glare glass, micro lens and Oppo’s RGBW technology 64 megapixel camera setup and fast charging function. The S#75 shade is a beautiful combination of colors and gradients – a unique combination of pink, green and gold tones. This color makes the device more attractive, brings attractive shades and will also bring innovation to the user’s style; Also help users reinvent themselves.

Favored by all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan, the Oppo S21S Pro has anti-glare glass, Oppo Glow design for glamour, millions of nanoscale diamonds (which create a star-like glow on the back of the device), as well as anti-corrosion glass, which protects the device in addition to style. against scratches. Oppo Glow Processing offers users several benefits; Including the unique CMF (colour, material and finish), which results in a matte surface that feels even though the device looks shiny. The device has an excellent combination of aesthetic beauty and touch-and-feel to provide a unique experience to the users. The phone is also anti-scratch, allowing users to use the phone comfortably without worrying about the phone getting scratched.

The smartphone will have a 64-megapixel AI triple camera setup with micro-lens, which will provide 30x magnification; This allows users to accurately capture image details regardless of distance. The breathable track lighting surround around the camera on the back of the phone glows when calling or texting. The front camera of the phone houses the powerful Sony IMX709 flagship sensor of the Oppo F21 Pro; This allows ultra-sensitive selfies to be taken with a 32-megapixel camera on the front of the device. In addition, the smart device’s camera features a specialized depth camera, which will provide a unique photography experience. The phone uses Oppo’s proprietary RGBW technology, which will provide 60 percent more light, natural colors in images and allow users to take attractive selfies.

For those who perform various tasks on the smartphone for a longer period of time, the device has a powerful 4500 mAh battery. So phone users don’t have to worry about running out of battery. To charge the phone faster, it has a 33W supersonic charging function. As a result, users can talk for 2.68 hours on just 5 minutes of charge.

Oppo Bangladesh authorized exclusive distributor Damon Yang said smartphone users in Bangladesh are fashion-conscious. So naturally, Oppo wanted to come up with something that would not only enrich the user experience, but also help express their style. The new S#75 color will encourage users to do something new. In the coming days, OPPO will continue to offer its fans meaningful and innovative products and services to keep them motivated to move forward.

Customers who pre-order the smartphone will have a chance to win a limited-edition style pack through a lucky draw, which will contain attractive goodies, which they can customize and match with their personality to showcase their own style via the smartphone. It will have a variety of phone accessories to give users the convenience of giving their device the look they want. Pre-order buyers can also enjoy offers including a three-month screen replacement warranty, an extra 15 percent on swap exchange, and a free internet data bundle.

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