Pace attack ‘leader’ wipes tears from his eyes

They have won two games so far in the ongoing T20 World Cup Bangladesh. Man of the match in both Taskin Ahmed. Taskin is a firestorm on the global World Cup stage It goes without saying that he bowls.
Taskin is in flying form. Taskin’s stellar performance is not a new phenomenon. Taskin has led Bangladesh’s bowling attack for the past two years. Home, abroad, Test, ODI or T20 – this speedster knows his breed everywhere.

But even a few years ago, Taskin’s story wasn’t that remarkable. He didn’t get a spot in the 2019 ODI World Cup squad. Upon hearing the sad news, Taskin broke down in tears in front of Mirpur reporters. Not only the World Cup, he failed to secure a spot in Bangladesh’s squad for several rounds before and after the World Cup. In 2014, he came to country cricket with the arrival message of fast-paced bowling, but over time, that fire was dying out a lot. Since 2017, he has been irregular in the national team. The main reason is performance. Although there was speed, it was not properly implemented. Due to the random line length, he was getting very scratchy with the ball. The exclusion of the team was therefore certain.

Taskin won the Man of the Match award in both matches. Photo: Getty Images

Everyone saw Taskin’s tears during the 2019 World Cup. He also told about his return to the national team after playing well. Then in 2020, Taskin’s transformation story begins with the Covid lockdown. The confinement may have been a blessing for him. In this confinement, Taskin broke and rebuilt himself by working hard. Build yourself into shape by doing a lot of fitness.

Taskin works a lot not only on fitness but also on bowling. What is felt in post covid tournaments. Previous random line length bowling was not seen at all. Taskin performed well in the BCB Presidents Cup and the Bangabandhu T20 Cup. After a long time, the closed door of the national team has also opened. Home at the end of 2020 West IndiesTaskin Ahmed returned to the team with the series against.

Since then, Taskin has never been dropped from the squad due to his performance. He plays as an important member of the team in all three formats – Test, ODI, T20. Especially on overseas tours, he regularly shows glimpses of his fiery bowling, as well as controlled bowling, he also regularly takes wickets – a perfectly paced bowling called Arki!

This task is like a new task. Take full advantage of the basic power of his bowling with a perfect length of line, associated with a swing. Taskin also shows his ability to swing the new ball quite well, on a regular basis. New Zealand, Sri LankaZimbabwe, South Africa – He has performed well in all foreign tours so far. The whole world saw his incredible bowling in the last T20 World Cup 2021. Taskin was the only ray of hope in a disappointing World Cup for Bangladesh.
Taskin’ in the familiar feast. Photo: bdcricktime
In progress Bangladesh have played three World Cup matches so far. won two games The Netherlands and against Zimbabwe. lost with South Africa. However, the team has survived the semi-finals pretty well so far.

Taskin played an important role in the team winning two games. Took 8 wickets in 3 matches, 8.18 save rate is also good. Taskin is also the tournament’s top wicket taker so far if only the Super Twelve are considered.

In the first game, Taskin gave them a big blow by picking up two wickets on the Netherlands’ first two balls. Later he returned to bowling and collected two more wickets. He almost single-handedly crushed the Dutch by taking 4 wickets. He also pocketed the Man of the Match award.

Taskin also gave the team a strong start against Zimbabwe. He took the wickets from two of their openers in his first two overs and put Zimbabwe under pressure early on. Later he came to the bowling alley and took another wicket. After winning an important game for the team, Taskin won the Man of the Match award.

Taskin, who once burst into tears after not securing a place in the World Cup squad, is now turning his stick on the World Cup stage. The team wins one game after another. The weather does not change! Taskin has undoubtedly become the leader of the pace offense for the Tigers over the past few years. Agni Jhra won everyone over with bowling. May this incredible story of Taskin’s return continue to be more colorful, may the performance of the Tigers on the pitch continue to be more beautiful!

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