Police identified six people in killing hundreds of people in Indonesia

The Indonesian police have identified six people in the murder of hundreds of people (Indonesia football Stampede). On October 2, hundreds of people were killed in riots during a football match in Indonesia. Indonesian police have identified a total of six prime suspects in that tragic incident. They have been charged with organizing the crime. Most notably, three police officers are among the suspects.

On Saturday evening, riots broke out during a football match in the Indonesian top division BRI Liga One at the Kanjuruhan stadium in Malang, Java province. At least 174 people are reported to have died in the stampede as a result of the riots. The number of injured is more than 180. Among the dead were children and police officers. The football match between the two arch-rivals was played at Kanjuruhan Stadium in Malang, Indonesia’s East Java province. Persebaya Surabaya and Arema Football Club faced each other. Persebaya defeated Arema on their home turf. And then countless angry fans took to the field. The problems begin. Mass battles. In that incident, the two managers of the Arema Club had already been banned for life by the Indonesian Football Association.

FIFA had already asked for a detailed report on the tragic incident. After this tragic incident, FIFA President Gianni Infantino (Gianni Infantino) also opened his mouth. He said it was a “black day” in football history.

Gianni Infantino said: “We are shocked by what happened in Indonesia during a football match. I cannot imagine that such a thing could happen in a match between Persebaya Surabaya and Arema Football Club. It surpasses all the bad things that have happened in world football Gone. It’s a ‘black day’ for world football in my opinion.” He also said: “Full support to the families of those who died in this tragic incident. At this point, everyone must fight together. The Indonesian government, AFC (Asian Football Confederation), and the Indonesian Football Federation must all come forward and work. ”

The police chief has received the preliminary investigation report of the incident. Investigators have identified multiple errors on the part of stadium authorities. Indonesia’s national police chief Listo Sigit Praboyo said the stadium does not meet standards for hosting football matches. They don’t even have any licenses or certificates. The chief executive of the competition, the chief security officer and three police officers have been charged with dereliction of duty.

The police chief said the two officers ordered police personnel to detonate the tear gas cells. 11 police officers burst the tear gas cell. This caused panic among football fans. He started running in all directions to save his life. More than a hundred people died in the stampede. The role of the accused police officers is under investigation. Because according to FIFA rules, tear gas and bullets cannot be used on football fields.

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