Preparations for the sequel started before the release of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Pathan’

This is called a surprise! Yes, wherever the king of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan is, there must be surprises. And now it’s about ‘sending’. Since the release of the first look, the film’s teaser, the excitement has grown. But this time it’s a very different surprise. According to Bollywood rumors, the work of the second part of ‘Pathan’ has already started. It has been learned that Yash Chopra’s banner may make the official announcement of part two on the day of the release of the movie ‘Pathan’. According to a report published in a national newspaper, ‘send’ The makers of the film have more characters planned in the second part. But the whole thing is still at an early stage.

According to Bollywood sources, the Pathan team started planning the second part of this movie while making ‘Pathan’. This is how the climax of the film ‘Pathan’ is planned.

Shah Rukh Khan’s new look is the surprise of the movie ‘Pathan’. Shahrukh’s new avatar has been used repeatedly in Pathan’s promotion. King Khan proves that Shahrukh’s age is just a number in Pathan Look. Absolutely perfect eight-pack abs all over the body of the Bollywood king. There isn’t that much fat anywhere. In the teaser of the movie ‘Pathan’, only a glimpse of Shah Rukh was seen in the light and darkness. However, his new look with long hair was very clear. And John Abraham and Deepika Padukone brought up the content of the story.

As you can guess from the teaser, India is a religion for a sleazy proletarian boy. This land is his guardian. And the determined “steer” to protect that country. The film was set to release on August 15 this year. But Shahrukh had to stop shooting this film halfway through because his son Aryan was involved in a drug case last year. Later, when the son returned home, he began to work. So all in all, the post-production work of ‘Pathan’ remains. And that’s why the release date of the movie has been postponed, Shahrukh’s comeback movie will be released on January 25, 2023. King Khan said in the caption of the new movie that he is eagerly looking forward to the movie.

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