Radical changes are coming in university education

Education at university level is changing. A new strategy memorandum is being prepared to improve the quality of education in two thousand university colleges affiliated with the National University. Based on research by leading academics, a draft strategy paper has already been developed. It proposed radical changes in the management of the college. It has been said that the educationalists will be the chairman of the Executive Board.

Science and technology-based education will be introduced at the level of private colleges to equip students to face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. New messages are created for this. Adequate labs, an online campus network and e-library facilities will be introduced in the colleges to ensure quality education. Poor students get a scholarship. Just in case, free lessons are given. Students get loans with a low interest rate.

The strategy paper was prepared by the College Education Development Project (CEDP) under the Ministry of Education. Since then, CEDP has organized workshops in some parts of the country and at the national level. A larger workshop will be held shortly to gauge the views of educationalists, including the Minister of Education. The strategy paper will then be finalized.

The draft strategy memorandum proposes to develop a policy for the management of the affiliated university colleges of the University that is comparable to that of private universities.

A closer working relationship is proposed between the National University and the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSE) for research, use of research results and effective management in colleges. A committee would have to be formed for this with the members of both institutions.

CEDP Program Officer (Planning) Dr. AKM Khalilur Rahman told Samakal that a draft strategy paper has been prepared by the research of experts to improve the quality of education in colleges affiliated with the National University in coordination with the implementation of SDGs. It proposed radical changes in the management of the college.

As for the formation of a Governing Body (GB) of private colleges, the draft says that the chairman of the GB will be an educator. Members are nominated on the basis of educational qualification and merit. The number of members should be reduced from what it is now. They must determine the field of work. GB’s ad hoc and academic committee has called for changes to the National University’s policy to reduce membership and eligibility of members. The board of directors and the study council must be composed according to the National University Act. The councils will fulfill their specific duties. Supervision of the board’s activities should be strengthened.

Several other recommendations have been made to improve the quality of education in public and private colleges under the National University. It is said to reduce reliance on coaching, arrange student loans for students and give importance to science and technology education. It is recommended that teachers make greater use of information technology to improve their teaching skills. The training center needs to be continuously expanded along with the upgrading of the existing training center of the National University. There will be regular workshops for teachers on information technology. Online research needs to be expanded. Teachers will add different topics here and distribute them among the students. Through the college managing authority, make an agreement with the relevant job-oriented institutions so that the students can go there and learn hands-on.

The draft strategy paper proposes to increase education in science and technology. Financial aid in science and technology education is recommended for students in a financial crisis. The provision of free education should be done under scholarships and stipends or in private colleges. Universities of applied sciences should increase the capacity of courses in this area; Where there are sufficient lab, campus network and e-library facilities. Skilled people must be appointed for this. All colleges should train teachers to improve their skills. Apart from this, students should be made to prioritize science and technology education. When launching programs, special attention should be paid to science and technology. It has been said that gender and religion based equality should be brought into the admission of students. Allowance is to be paid continuously until the graduation stage of the students. Registered students must adhere to the online lesson schedule. Sufficient lessons should be given on a daily basis to reduce reliance on private and coaching.

It has also been said that with the cooperation of Bangladesh Bank, students should get low-interest loans for education. There must be new institutions and funds for loans. A donation-based fund can also be raised if needed.

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