Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology in Housing Crisis

Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET) female students face an acute housing crisis. Since the founding of the university until now, there is only one hall for female students. 74 percent of female students do not have a residence permit. By doing this, they have to pay extra money to stay in a mess or rental house. Suffering from security issues. In addition, 33 percent of the total number of students is housed in the halls of Ruet.

According to the civil registry officer of Ruet, the total number of students at the university is 5 thousand 928 people. Among them, the number of male students is 4 thousand 594 and the number of female students is 1 thousand 334. There are a total of 7 halls in the university. There are 6 rooms for boys and 1 for girls. There are 2 thousand 2 seats in total 7 halls of Ruet.

Out of 6 student halls, Shaheed Lieutenant Salim Hall has 354 seats, Shaheed Shahidul Islam Hall has 228 seats, Tinshed Hall has 100 seats, Shaheed Abdul Hamid Hall has 240 seats, Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman Hall has 480 seats, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall has 480 seats 250 t. The total number of seats in the boys’ halls is 1 thousand 652. Apart from that, the only residential hall for female students ‘Desratna Sheikh Hasina’ has 350 seats.

The current number of non-resident students of RUET is 3 thousand 926 persons. These students live in various rubbish or rental properties around Ruet. About the suffering of being outside, some of them said that excessive rent, insecurity are the main reasons for their suffering.

Afsana, a non-resident student of Ruet, said it is difficult to get a seat because there is only one hall in our university. I’m in my third year, but haven’t got a seat yet. I rent 1500 rupees per month. I don’t feel safe walking outside the university at night. Family members are always worried at home because of the absence of a room. Also, a lot of extra money is spent every month because of the clutter.

A non-resident student from Ruet’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering said it is very difficult for students to stand up. In the hall, those who do politics in the Chhatra League usually have to go to the hall with the older brothers. In addition, it is almost impossible to get up. In this regard, the secretary general of the Ruet branch Chhatra League Mahfuzur Rahman Chowdhury Tapu said: “We have not checked any seats in Ruet. Sometimes we only make recommendations to the director about the whereabouts of a student in our party.

About hall problems Some students from Ruet said that quality food and weak Wi-Fi are the biggest problems in their halls. Especially in Shaheed Abdul Hamid Hall, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Hall, Shaheed Shahidul Islam Hall, the problem of quality food is greater. The quality of food in Shaheed President Ziaur Rahman Hall is decent. By the way, they said every hall has wifi problems.

Rakib, a resident student of Shaheed Shahidul Islam Hall, said nutritious food is not provided in the dining hall. The wifi network in the hall is also very weak. This makes it difficult for him to work online. In this regard, the principal is Professor Dr. md. When Ali Hossain was contacted several times on his cell phone, he did not pick up the phone.

Tinshed has a hall for Ruett students. The hall has 100 seats. A student resident in this hall, who did not wish to be named, said: “Due to the rain of the past few days, our hall has been flooded. Staying indoors becomes difficult in the summer. By the way, if there is a light storm, I I’m afraid the trees will break again and fall on the can!

A student resident in the Sheikh Hasina Hall national treasure common room, who declined to be named, said, “Father is a day laborer.” He was included in Ruet with great difficulty. With great difficulty I got a place in the common room, said the director. But because there were many students in one room, I became inattentive in my studies. In addition, the price of food has increased from 25 to 30 rupees due to the increase in the price of goods. But the quality of the food is good.” md. Shamim Anwar said, our common room has 21 seats, there are about 18 students. In addition, students have made the decision to raise the price to increase the quality of the food.

Ruet Vice-Chancellor (additional cost) Prof. dr. Sajjad Hossain said two dormitories for girls and two for male students are currently under construction in Ruet. One of the student halls is also being upgraded from two floors to four floors. Once the construction of this hall is completed, 100% student residence is guaranteed. And if the government grants it, the students will also receive a 100% residence guarantee in the future.

On food and Wi-Fi issues, he said, “If the government grants a subsidy, we will definitely improve the quality.” Here quality improvement is not possible with our money without government subsidy.

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