Science Drama Competition in NorthBengal Science Center to Promote Science Awareness in Society

National Council from Science the museum from initiative North Bengal science in the middle held done science drama contest this one in competition from Siliguri total seven school participation did from competition Inauguration did mr Jayant Krishna Malik, assistant Information director, Siliguria of drama Participant And the judge In addition to a lot interested from school pupil, the teacher And general public Gift used to be drama from competition the jury respected panel used to be Perth Chowdhury, joy Bhattacharya And Kuntal ghoshi etc. this one science drama from competition original goal of drama by means of social scientific the message provide

to see away Sara in the world how science in the centers Science Communication being over there to see away science to consciousness in society on all levels of to go in front of this one dramatic art from The has from that to use extreme profitable So of the world all in situ this one science drama contest held is here also neighbourhood Based on this one contest To do being here Who the first And the second Place the right I will do they are Kolkata the cat industrial And technological In the museum Organized State level drama portion To do opportunity Will get

Incidentally, Sara the world during to see go science based Communication from in case of Science Technology Engineering art And Math from On emphasis given is I That is if science topic discussion or Content discussion is In that case That someone choice No, that’s not it to be can or attention losses can However of drama Like it by doing if of consciousness vacation cause go However That Lake fertile is say to inform science from the center being in charge CoCoordinator Period baby said this one science drama in competition Hb school in presentation science drama, vaccinethe end to talk the first reward gain by doing best actors (female) reward won bag dogs Chittaranjan high from school trisha grant And best the actor (male) receive from Siliguri Hb school from Balaram shah Sarada child Pilgrimage Sevoke away (Hi school) from mr Rajveer curry And smt somdatta m. chakraborty And from Siliguri Hb school from mr worldview mixed respectively best script And won best of guidance reward.

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