Narendra Modi government stops science and health awards

Science will get angry this time under the reign of Narendra Modi. Hundreds of science awards sponsored by the Center will be closed this time. Instead, the Center wants to introduce the ‘Vignana Ratna’ award in the style of the Bharat Ratna award.

According to official sources, the Interior Minister, Amit Shah, Ajay Bhalla, held a meeting to this effect on September 16. There it was decided to discontinue various scientific awards and awards from various central ministries. In fact, almost all science-related awards are going to fall this time, except for the Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award.

An official from the Union Ministry of Science and Technology said they have reviewed several awards in recent months. In his words, “At present, several ministries, including Central Science and Technology, Geosciences, are giving 801 awards related to science and research. In the new decision of the Center, it could be reduced to six.”

According to the source, 207 of the 211 awards of the science and technology department under the control of the Ministry of Science and Technology will be closed this time. All 38 Department of Atomic Energy awards will go to Cope. The center has also decided to discontinue all three awards in the space science department. Six of the seven prizes in the Science and Industrial Research category will be canceled. Apart from this, three of the four awards from the Department of Geology have been sent to the cancellation list.

The Modi-Shah government has decided to give away 13 of the 17 posts in the Health and Family Welfare Department and 34 of the 37 posts in the Health Research Department. An official of Shah’s ministry said: “Assessment has shown that there are separate awards from different ministries and departments for research in the same scientific field. That is why such steps are being taken. They fear that this decision will prevent the arrival of a new generation of talent in the field. of scientific research will decrease.

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