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Excellent customer service and delivery of the best quality technology products to the customers has established Star Tech & Engineering Limited as the top technology product sales and marketing company in the country. They now operate with about 700 employees, the best e-commerce site in the country and about 17 points of sale across the country. In addition, Star Tech & Engineering Limited has established its position in the current technology market as an authorized importer and seller of 24 international brands in the domestic market.

Zaheed Ali Bhuiyan, director of Star Tech and Engineering Limited, said that from 2000 to 2005, there were very few companies that provided stable customer service and after-sales service in the technology market.

From then on, our promise has been to become more established in this market by providing better customer service and best quality technology products to domestic customers. Star Tech and Engineering Limited’s journey started from this promise on the ninth floor of Multiplan Center. With unremitting efforts and uncompromising customer service, today we sell and service technology products offline and online with approximately 17 outlets nationwide and a very strong presence in e-commerce.

After nearly 15 years, Star Tech & Engineering Limited has attained the status of leading technology products supplier in Bangladesh. Founder and current director Zaheed Ali Bhuiyan has become a leading figure in the industry.

Jahed Ali Bhuiyan also said that since they all worked as employees in different technology companies, he realized that Bangladesh needs to improve its technology infrastructure to better fit into the global economy. Realizing that eventually the country would need a reliable organization for the sales and marketing of technology products, Zaheed Ali Bhuiyan took a trailblazing risk along with his brothers and partners. However, they were determined to succeed.

Since the establishment, our aim has been to provide customers with the best quality products and maintain better after-sales service. We wanted nothing more than to achieve complete customer satisfaction and gain their trust, said Zaheed Ali Bhuiyan.

Today we are able to establish ourselves as a huge “tech retail chain” by gaining the trust of our customers. Day after day, new customers and old customers have brought us to this position. Initially we faced many challenges, a challenge to provide customer service and employee benefits quite overpowered us, but with the passage of time and our customer-employee friendly thinking, we have overcome these challenges through various policies.

At present, we have branches in five major cities including Dhaka, Chittagong, Gazipur, Khulna and Rangpur. What was once a start-up, which was struggling with a staff shortage, has now grown into an organization with about 700 employees. Mr. Zaheed Ali Bhuiyan, Director of Star Tech and Engineering Limited said this is a success for me.

Star Tech has also built up an experienced sales and service team to provide specialized services to corporate customers. Their main goal is to help business organizations to choose the right technology products and also to provide after-sales services.

One of the key features of the company in this technology-dependent era is its robust and effective e-commerce website. To help consumers select from their personal technology products to purchase a gadget they need, other tech retailers in the country follow our website at

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