Shehnaaz Gill shares her 12kg weight loss journey

Shehnaz Gill, the popular face of the small screen, has overcome the storm of personal life and captured it in a very different form. The public was first introduced to Shehnaz during the reign of ‘Bigg Boss 13’. But the Shehnaz that everyone saw in ‘Bigg Boss’ house can now find the Shehnaz? He lost 12 kg of weight in one stroke. There is no end to fan speculation about how he lost so much weight. What trick did Shehnaz lose so much fat? Recently, the model actress opened her mouth about this.

He had no shortage of exercise and food. Shehnaz said he didn’t have any cheat meal. He made a bet that he wouldn’t eat any of his favorite foods until he lost weight. Even if he wanted to eat something tasty, he would control himself. But the question arises, why does he suddenly want to change himself after so many days? Shehnaz also opened his mouth about this. In his words: “The lockdown only started after the end of ‘Bigg Boss’. I didn’t like going to the gym. But I went once or twice a week. But that road was also closed during the lockdown. When I left the house after the lockdown, everyone asked about my weight gain. I thought it was important to be thin. But while losing weight, I realized that it is not easy to be thin.

Losing 12 kg is not word of mouth! How did Shehnaz make the impossible possible? How strict is he on a diet? In response to this question, Shehnaz said that no strict diet or 24-hour exercise failed to achieve this result. Ate home cooked food. But the amount of food he ate was very small. He didn’t eat out at all. Stay away from foods that contain oil and spices. Drink a lot of water.

He used to remember not to let the body lose fluids during the leaning phase. Enough slept. Not only water, but sometimes he ate smoothies made from strawberries and cucumbers. Not only for weight loss, this smoothie also works great for skin care. Exercising regularly does not mean going to the gym. It is also important to always be active. Shehnaz’s advice – Also keep doing small things at home without sitting.

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