Skills of women in the technology sector

Access to information and technology in Bangladesh was a long time ago, but in the 21st century, computing has become an important part of our daily lives. In this era of digitalization, information technologies are applied in all spheres of life and work. We can say that the contribution of men and women in this triumph of information technologies is not less but almost equal. The use of information technology and skills has opened up new career opportunities for girls. According to information published by the Ministry of ICT and various media, women currently make up almost half of the population using information technology in the country. According to an organization called Bangladesh Open Source Network (BOSN), a survey conducted in 2005-2006 showed that about 25% of girls study computer science or IT-related subjects in 90 educational institutions, including including the country’s universities. According to the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology report, 13% of the 25% female students joined the ICT industry after graduation.
Women especially in program development, shadow banking, commercial mobile banking, internet, email services, preparing biographical data, graphic design, design, preparing score sheets for students, online shopping, information sharing, health, agricultural information services economically. That’s why they run this type of business with a small store next to their house or house.

This trend is now widely seen in remote parts of the country. How good for the economy; Equally beneficial for the family, society. Economists believe that the use of information technology has made it easier and more accessible for women to achieve economic independence. The economic potential of this sector is increasing day by day. There is now a need to make this technology sustainable, accessible and affordable.
Abdul Fattah, Chairman of Global Brand Private Limited, praised the women working in his company and said that although women lag behind men in sales and marketing, they are more skilled than men. in the internal work of the office.
In his view, it is undeniable that one of the most important mediums in the modern world is the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. In the current era, the country is as prosperous as it is in this sector; This country has been established as the most developed or prosperous nation in the world. The world is moving forward with the touch of ICT. Therefore, there is no alternative to the development of the ICT sector to improve and enrich the country as well as the society. All the countries in the world are developing a friendship with ICT to keep up with the modern digital era. Hopefully Bangladesh is not behind in this regard. Women are also progressing at an equal pace.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina announced the building of a digital Bangladesh soon after the current government came to power to keep pace with free information technology. A master plan has been adopted for this purpose. According to this plan, almost all public and private sectors have been affected by the digital age. The government attaches particular importance to the ICT sector and introduces the latest technologies. The development of the country in the information technology sector means the development of the individual, the family, society and especially the state. Given this importance, the country will only develop if the members of society develop.

Along with government efforts, individual efforts also play an important role in Bangladesh’s incredible development in this sector. Almost half of the total population of our country is made up of women. Therefore, women should be involved in all aspects of the country’s development. Currently, ICT departments have been opened in primary schools across the country to the highest educational institutions. Since half of society is made up of women; Consequently, the participation of women in the ICT sector is also increasing.

They also play a role in the development of the society as well as the country. Women’s society is also asserting itself by acquiring excellence in this field. However, due to various social barriers, women’s society is often unable to manifest properly. Therefore, it is necessary to remove all barriers and create opportunities to involve women in the ICT sector. A public-private campaign is needed for this.
As technology becomes more durable, more readily available; Both the country, the society, the economy will benefit and benefit from it as well. Because the well-being of the family, of society and of the state resides primarily in the autonomy of the individual. Moreover, thanks to ICTs, the exchange of information, exchange of ideas, commercial, economic and diplomatic and even social communication with people from one end of the world to the other has become easily possible.

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