Smart technology will change ethical standards?

In the history of human civilization, three major industrial revolutions have dramatically changed the course of the entire world. The first industrial revolution took place between 1760 and 1840. The second industrial revolution took place between 1871 and 1914. The third industrial revolution took place with the invention of the Internet in 1969 and its commercial use in 1990. The invention Internet has multiplied the speed of the revolution.

Everything from the past is changing due to smart technology or the fourth industrial revolution. Following the invention of the Internet, various types of hardware and software manufacturing enterprises have developed at a rapid pace. Many high-tech companies and multinational organizations such as Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, Alibaba have developed around the world based on intelligent technology or the fourth industrial revolution. From food industries to manufacturing advanced spacecraft for space travel, technology has evolved.

There is no denying that these organizations constantly bring various digital innovations and services to our doorsteps to make our lives easier. We’re getting all kinds of hardware, software services right now. The whole world is now in our hands. Our daily life is unsustainable without their services. From the upper class to the most deprived, everyone is covered by our digital services. For more than two years, the whole world has been in the grip of the coronavirus. Undoubtedly, this is a great crisis or disaster for humanity. Because of this virus, the whole world stopped at once. All social, cultural and political activities have been disrupted. People isolated themselves to avoid this virus. The direct meeting or association has been terminated. Also, due to the lockdown or closure announced by the governments of various countries, people had to stay at home. In this situation, technology-based communication has especially helped people.

A large part of the total population of our country is now connected to digital technology in one way or another. However, a significant portion of them are still digitally illiterate. Smartphones with Internet access are now in their hands. Communicating or exchanging ideas using all social media, from talking on mobile phones to watching movies on TV via cable connection is becoming possible in the age of digital technology.

People from all walks of life are now the beneficiaries of the digital revolution. Much of the younger generation, including high school, college and university students, are hooked up to internet technology. Apart from studies, they also become dependent on other subjects. On the other hand, dramas and movies broadcast on foreign TV channels via satellite dish or cable connection also change our mindset. Now we are getting used to watching movies on the OTT platform; Most movies don’t fit our current culture, but I’m drawn to them. When you enter Google or any search engine on the Internet, their advertisements are unwanted in our eyes. If someone wants to enter it out of curiosity, then what can you blame him for? Many also become addicted to pornography. Apart from this, addiction to games and online games has also increased. In this way, certain things enter our mind, which changes our behavior.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of people in this country are still not digitally aware. We don’t know what they are looking at on the internet. It is not known whether related research has been carried out in our country. Also, it is not known that trainings regarding safe internet use are given in educational institutions. It is not known if there is an official initiative. Experts have repeatedly pointed out that this has a negative effect.

People’s values ​​are also changing with the use of modern technological products. People lose self-confidence; A lack of integrity and ideals is observed. We are mired in corruption, nepotism, extremism, violence and immorality. Human qualities such as ethics, morality, humanity, compassion, cooperation, empathy and kindness are diminishing day by day, which sociologists describe as a crisis of social capital. It is difficult to say how long this crisis will last.

In the era of smart technology, our previous culture is on the verge of extinction. That’s why no one is interested in going to the cinema and watching movies. Even though contemporary Bengali culture such as music, theater and cinema has been created as an amalgamation, it is no longer able to maintain the same appeal as before. Dramas, songs, travels and movies that attracted us, taught us to be human, improved us spiritually, are no longer capable of creating such attraction. As a result, there is a kind of spiritual and moral void in many young people. The situation is similar for the entire population. And this spiritual and moral vacuum is replaced by religious fanaticism and superstition. On this occasion, religious business groups enter our psyche. Furthermore, it is proven in history that religious fanaticism and superstitions also engulf a large part of the population in favorable conditions, especially state patronage. This is how our liberal society is transformed into a benevolent and conservative society. This is a transitional period. How long this will last will depend on the involvement of the whole population in the new culture.

Keeping privacy becomes very difficult at this time. In this new difficult situation, the definition of privacy will also change. We can no longer keep many things as secret as before. When everything becomes open, the values ​​will also have to be redefined.

According to experts, artificial intelligence will not be governed by any morality, but by mathematical rules. The unbridled development of worthless mechanized engineering can destroy what remains of social responsibility. As a result, commerce will become important instead of the practice of values. Commercialism may become more important in the future. Machine addiction can narrow the gap between appreciation and degradation. Even the various needs of the human spirit can become the new basis of values.

When the colonial state created conflict and continued to plunder in the colonies, the materialistic citizens of Europe did not care because it involved financial gain. Financial profit set the limits of morality. Western capitalist countries have undergone such a transition that the current policy is that all needs of individuals and businesses are at the center of morality, whether immoral or irrational by previous standards.

In our country too, there has been a great change in the mental world of a large group of people who use modern technology. As a result, there has been a kind of conflict with the dominant values ​​and principles, ethics in society. In other words, the cultural gap is created from the difference between material culture and immaterial culture. Since technology is a material culture, we have not yet ensured the proper use of this technology. How quickly the gap between these two cultures will be bridged depends on positive and gradual changes in our mental world. In short, we are going through a period of transition. However, it is true that smart technology will cause massive changes in the prevailing moral standards in our society at large. But only time will tell how long this change will take.

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